Top 4 Chew Proof Dog Harness Reviews

Do you go through way too many dog harnesses because they’ve been chewed up and no longer perform their function? A dog harness is an important piece of equipment for both safety and control of your dog, therefore having it chewed up by the very pet you’re trying to control and protect is a serious business. We’re going to take a look at why dogs tend to chew their harness and how to stop them from this bad habit, but we’re also going to review the best chew proof dog harnesses you can use until retraining your dog is complete.

Why do dogs chew their harness?

Dogs tend to chew on their harness whenever they are stressed in some way or another. That stress can come from a lack of attention. For a dog, negative attention is better than no attention at all. Another source of stress is built up energy, which could mean that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise.

If your dog is less than a year old, then the chewing is also part of relieving the pressure and pain of teething. An older dog which is experiencing tooth pain will also chew on things in order to relieve pain and pressure. Having your dog’s teeth checked regularly can help prevent this issue. Teaching your dog not to chew on its harness often requires behavioral changes for both pet and owner.

How to teach dogs not to chew their harness

If your dog is allowed to burn off their excess stress and isn’t bored, then he or she will probably stop chewing their harness on his or her own. Making certain that your dog has plenty of exercise and plenty of play time with you and other dogs can make a huge difference in relieving excess stress, but there are other things you might need to do in order to break this bad habit.

Stress might come from anxiety over the harness. In most cases, making the harness a positive rather than negative experience for your dog will help get rid of the habit. One method to help alleviate the anxiety or excitement attached to the harness is to handle the harness without putting it on the dog. Here’s how:

  • Take down the harness and place it next to you while you’re reading or watching television.
  • Keep track of your dog’s reaction.
  • Remain calm and do your best to not draw attention to the harness.
  • Reward your pet when they become calm.
  • Continue to do this on a daily basis until your dog has no reaction when you bring out the harness.

An error that many dog owners make is to create excitement around putting on their dog’s harness. Your excitement transfers to the dog and he translates your change of behavior into something that causes him excitement, anxiety or stress, depending upon whether his experiences with harness have been positive or negative.

Dog chewing

What to look for when choosing a chew proof dog harness?

Selecting a chew proof dog harness until you’re able to get your dog’s habit under control takes a little bit of education, but that’s what this article is all about. Let’s strap in and take a look at some of the best features to look for in a chew proof harness. In general, this is what you should look for:

  • Nylon weaved mesh. The strongest and most durable type of chew resistant harnesses will be made of a soft, but durable nylon weave.
  • Fused and stitched. A harness that is both fused (melted or glued) together an stitched with durable nylon thread is less apt to come apart when your dog chews on it.
  • Assembled at the top. The fusing and stitching we just discussed should be assembled together at the top of the harness. It is harder for your dog to reach those weaker assembly points because they are on his back.
  • Proper sizing. Proper sizing also helps prevent chewing. A loose fitting harness presents a tempting target for chewing.
  • Durable clasps. Durable clasps are also of great importance and it is better if they are in a hard to reach place as well.

With these attributes in mind, let’s review the top 4 chew proof dog harnesses.

The Top 4 Chew Proof Dog Harnesses

LupinePet Eco 3/4″ Granite Harness

The LupinePet Granite Harness is made of soft, but durable woven nylon. If you’re a lover of the environment, you’ll be impressed to know that the material used to make the nylon comes from recycled plastic bottles. This harness is fused, stitched and clasped at the top. Its welded D rings are durable and chew resistant. It comes in small and large sizes and also comes with a guarantee. This guarantee holds even if your dog chews through the harness. That’s right, if your dog is able to chew through it, your harness gets replaced by the manufacturer free of charge!

The vast majority of users seem to be completely satisfied with this product and give it rave reviews. Let’s give a quick recap.

Buy now from Amazon

  • Price: $20 to $30 depending on size purchased.


  • Durable and environmental friendly woven nylon construction.
  • Connection points and clasp out of chew reach.
  • Can fit various sizes of dogs.
  • Chew proof guarantee.


  • Plastic size adjustments could be chewed.

Pet Car Seat Belt

The Pet Car Seat Belt is a quick and simple harness restraint for your pet while they are riding in your car. The harness is constructed of 1” thick woven nylon which is fused and stitched to metal clasps. One end of the restraint clips into a standard car seat belt clasp and the other end attaches to your dog’s harness.

The majority of reviewers also gave this safety restraint a positive review and touted it as being durable, chew resistant, waterproof and easy to use. They like it as an alternative to crating or caging their pets in the car. Let’s look at some of its positive and negative features.

Buy now from Amazon

  • Price: Less than $10.


  • Soft durable nylon construction with fusion and stitching.
  • Metal clasps on each end.
  • Makes use of the safety restraint already provided in your car.
  • Machine washable and water proof.


  • Again, plastic length adjustments are a target for chewing, though not as critical with this restraint as with a harness.

Relgard Chew-Resistant Adjustable Safety Restraint

The Chew-Resistant Adjustable Safety Restraint is also constructed of durable and soft woven nylon. It uses both fusion and stitching to attach the metal clips on each end as well as the metal length adjustment piece. This restraint is safety certified up t 110 pounds and fits into the seat belt clasp of all makes and models of cars with the exception of Volvo.

The overwhelming majority of users gave a very positive rating of this restraint and were pleased that it was able to keep their pets safe while they traveled. Let’s take a look at what has these users so impressed.

Buy now from Amazon

  • Price: Less than $10.


  • Durable, chew-resistant nylon with fusion and stitching.
  • Metals clasps and adjustments.
  • Easy to use with safety equipment already provided in your car.
  • Great alternative to crating or caging your pet.


  • Some users thought that it was a little too short for use on larger dogs.

Easy Walking Harness

The Easy Walking Harness is designed for no pull and no choking. It is made of durable woven nylon and features fusion and stitching at the connection points at the top of the harness. It also features welded metal D rings for stability. This harness also comes with a 100% replacement guarantee.

Users who purchased this harness were very happy. They cite the fact that it prevents pulling, jumping and choking as favorite features. They are especially pleased that it takes away the stress of a dog who likes to pull against the leash. Let’s recap its features.

Buy now from Amazon

  • Price: $15-$20.


  • Durable nylon construction with fusion and stitching at the top of the harness.
  • Welded D ring construction.
  • No pull, no jump and no choke.
  • Sizes and adjustments available for various sizes of dogs.
  • 100% replacement guarantee.


  • Again, the plastic size adjustments are a target for chewing and will be the first things to go.


When it comes to safety and control of your dog, having a durable and chew proof harness is essential. The reviews and guidelines listed in the article above should be a great aid to you when you select the proper harness for your pet. Make certain that you follow the guidelines for helping your dog overcome or never take up the habit of chewing on their harness in the first place. Until that time comes, make use of a chew proof harness and stay on the safe side.

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