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Many animal shelters across the nation raise funds and pet adoption awareness by hosting pet parades and pet fashion shows throughout the year. Often, the cost of entry is a bag of food, pet supplies, or a monetary donation. There’s not much room to argue that such an event is worth the effort of getting your best friend all dolled up, but many dog owners don’t need a special event to want to dress up their pets. In fact, many dog parents just want their fur babies to be warm and comfortable. Whatever your reason for clothing your canine companion, you want the best dog clothes that match you and your pet’s needs, style, and personality.

Why Get Your Dog Some Clothes?

The purpose of dressing up dogs differs from one owner to the next. If you own a small lap dog, your reason for putting clothes on him or her is probably because they’re cute in just their fur, but with clothes on, they’re adorable! However, you might also wish to provide extra warmth or dryness on cold and wet days. This is particularly true for senior, thin, bald, or ill dogs whose natural defenses are diminished. Special reflective clothing might also be necessary for dogs who run on roadways with their owners in the dim light of early mornings or evenings. Another growing trend that inspires the clothing of dogs is pet portraiture. More and more people are turning to professional pet photographers to help them commemorate their beloved pets for all time, and of course, these sessions come with costume changes.

Dog in french clothes

What to Consider When Buying

  • Comfort. Your dog should be able to run, jump, and stretch in whatever outfit he or she wears. The garment should also not be made of materials that aggravate skin or pull on fur.
  • Size and fit. Size is important, not just to cover the girth and length of your dog, but also to accommodate for height. Shorter-legged dogs could step on the fabric of some garments and either trip or cause the garment to tighten around their necks.
  • Functionality. The best dog outfits will be functional. Consider the temperature, weather conditions, and what activities you and your dog will be participating in. Does your dog need a waterproof jacket, reflective safety strips for visibility, or extra warmth from a wool sweater? Don’t forget, they will also need to relieve themselves – ideally without soiling the outfit.
  • Price and quality. Clothing that is meant to keep your dog warm in the winter should be sturdy and hold up to many washes. High quality garments will be higher priced, but will last longer. However, if you’re just looking to dress your dog up for one day, then a less expensive costume-quality garment is a good option.
  • Washability. Clothing meant to be worn often must be able to stand up to frequent washing.
  • Your dog should be able to take care of business while dressed. The cut of the underside of the garment is especially important for male dogs. The fabric should be well away from the danger zone while the dog is urinating.

The Top 8 Reviews for Dog Clothes

Blueberry Pet Warm Fleece Twist Cable Knitted Pull Over Hooded Dog Sweater

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This double-lined sweater gets good reviews for its functionality in keeping dogs warm. Customers also love how easy it is to put on and remove. Another pro of this sweater is that it holds up to machine washing. Some drawbacks are that the cable knit can get pulled by other dogs’ teeth and nails when playing. Also, some customers noted that the fit runs small for their bulkier dogs, while owners of narrower breeds, like chihuahuas and beagles, say the fit is perfect. This sweater is priced very reasonably at $22.99 USD, considering the quality as compared to other sweaters or coats in this list.

Blueberry Dog T-shirt with Dinosaur, Camera, or California Pattern

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This shirt is described by purchasers as thin, soft, and perfect for layering. Its main function seems to be fashion, but many dog owners also state that the shirt is soft and comfortable for their pet. Most customers say that the fit is great and that the shirt is well-made; however, one customer notes that the printed design started to wear off after a few washes. This shirt is priced at approximately $10.

Chilly Dog American Dog Sweater

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This one hundred percent wool, cable knit sweater with an American flag design is meant to be fashionable and functional. Customers like that this sweater keeps their dogs warm. Several reviewers say that it holds up to washing, but needs to be laid flat to dry to prevent shrinking. Others have commented that the sweater gets holes easily and then begins to unravel. Another drawback is that the sizing seems to run tight and long in the back for some dogs. This sweater is pricier than the Blueberry sweater, at around $30-$40, possibly due to organic plant dyes.

Rubie’s Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume

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This costume is not meant to be worn often. Do not expect it to hold up to many wears and washing. It is recommended for small to medium breeds, but several customers noted that it runs a little large for thin dogs. Another note is that the sleeves might need to be hemmed for a shorter dog, such as a corgi. As far as comfort goes, it is made of a stretchy polyester, so dogs are able to move around with ease. Customers also say that it is easy to put on. This costume is priced a little over $20.

Stinky G College Blue Stripe Dog Polo Shirt

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This is a fashionable polo-style t-shirt that is recommended for dogs that weigh between 9-14 lbs. Customers praise the cuteness of the shirt. Overall, customers agreed that the shirt is of quality build. One drawback of the shirt is that it does not have a lot of stretch, so one costumer suggested ordering a size larger so that it will be comfortable for your pet to move around in. Another customer noted that a male dog of less than 14 inches in length would need a size medium in order to not urinate on the material. This shirt is comparable to the Blueberry Dog T-shirt in price and quality, at $10 USD.

Collections Etc Shearling Fleece Dog Winter Coat

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This soft faux suede, polyester fleece-lined jacket serves the function of being warm as well as stylish. This jacket features an adjustable belt to allow for a snug fit. The majority of reviewers are pleased with the build and quality of this jacket. Most owners love the ease of the Velcro fastener; however, some have said that the Velcro gives out over time and wish it had buttons instead. A drawback of this jacket is that it would have to be removed to allow a male dog to urinate. Also, it is recommended that it be laid flat to dry to prevent shrinkage. This coat is priced at around the $30 mark.

Idepet Big Dog Clothes Warm Winter Coat for Dogs Large Size

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This coat is meant to be stylish while keeping your large dog warm. It comes in yellow, white, red, and black and features a cute “adidog” and bones logo. Dog owners who’ve purchased this item say that it is soft, comfortable, and well-made. Several people also claim that their dog acts calmer while wearing this hoodie. Most purchasers are very happy with the sizing and say it fits their pets perfectly. However, customers with wide-chested dogs complain that the fit is too snug. In terms of function and quality, this is a very good buy at around 10 dollars.

Casual Canine Hawaiian Breeze Dog Apparel Sundress or Camp Shirt

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This beach-scene shirt is a casual fashion choice. One plus to this garment is a leash cutout in the collar area. Dog owners really like the Velcro closure for easy on and off. Customers agree that the quality is nice and that this shirt holds up through washing. Purchasers consent that the shirt is made of a stiff material that does not stretch. They recommend sizing up for a roomier fit. It is priced on the higher side for fashion t-shirts at around $20, for its style quality.

At The End of the Day…

Thanks to growing demand, today’s dog clothing market is vast and flourishing. No matter what your clothing priorities are, there are plenty of options to fit every need. When shopping for the best dog clothes for your furry friend, keep in mind that not all garments offer the quality and functionality that you desire. Read all reviews for an outfit you are considering and compare prices. Remember, you want your dog to be able to move freely, and be able to relieve himself. Some dog clothes are made to last, while others are only meant to be worn as a costume. Be sure the price and quality combination are acceptable for your needs and budget.

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