Indestructible Escape Proof Dog Crate Reviews

Are you looking for an inescapable dog crate? There are many reasons why dog owners might need an escape proof dog crate to contain their pets. Some larger dog breeds like German Shepherds have the body mass to easily break out of a standard kennel. Other strong breeds such as the rottweiler have a pretty powerful bite, which is roughly twice as strong as an adult man’s bite. As a result, a determined dog can do a great deal of damage to a standard dog crate and may easily escape.

Some dogs simply have an active, curious temperament, and they see breaking out of a crate as a challenge. And, many dog owners who have rescue dogs that have suffered separation or other abuse issues may be difficult to contain as well.

Many manufacturers have met the demand by producing several models of indestructible dog crates to contain even the strongest and most determined pets. Here you will find information about these escape proof crates, how they are designed, and a review of the best ones on the market today.

What Are Escape Proof Dog Crates?

Escape-proof dog crates are heavy-duty, durable, well-engineered dog crates designed to contain the strongest, smartest dogs.

If you have tried to save some money and purchased a cheap dog crate, you may have discovered how quickly your dog can destroy and break out of its crate. Some dog breeds are incredibly strong and can use their teeth to tear apart a standard crate easily. Other breeds are intelligent and can sniff out the weakest point of a typical dog crate and escape. Just about any dog that has been in its crate too long will be determined enough to try to get out.

Although no dog crate is completely indestructible, many of the higher quality, heavy-duty crates can do a good job of containing particularly difficult dogs.

About Escape Proof Dog Crates

Some dog owners who have mellow, calm puppies or dogs can easily use a cheaper, standard dog crate for training, traveling or containing their pets. Others who have energetic, mischievous, strong dogs may learn that their pets will break out of anything short of a high-quality escape-proof crate.

Puppies or dogs new to a certain home can destroy furniture, chew household accessories and cause a great deal of damage when you have to run out for a few hours. In addition, active, unattended dogs can also hurt themselves in a new or unfamiliar environment. Crates are indispensable for training dogs as well because dogs do not want to soil their den areas.

Although most dogs are probably escaping their crates because they are naturally strong and energetic or suffering from separation anxiety, some may have been left in their crates too long or associate their crates with abandonment. Be sure to properly train your dog with any crate so that it sees it as a pleasant, safe, cozy place to sleep, rest or travel.

Inescapable dog crates are frequently made of heavier material and feature more complex engineering designs than standard crates, which adds to their strength and reduces the likelihood of break-outs.

Funny dog escape attempt

Safe escape proof crates don’t have bars

Things To Consider Before Buying

Many considerations need to be taken into account before selecting an appropriate dog crate. Here are some things to think about:

Intended Purpose

As a dog owner, you should think about why you are buying a dog crate. Do you need to contain your pet on an upcoming flight? Do you need to teach a new large, strong dog to respect your home and understand toilet training? Do you need to contain your pet while you are away or asleep?


Dog crates, in general, come in a wide variety of styles and materials. The most common dog crates are made of metal, plastic or fabric. Typically, fabric dog crates are not particularly durable, although they can be comfortable for mellow, small pups. Both plastic and metal crates can be purchased as standard crates or as part of escape-proof designs. Many crates offer additional ventilation to keep dogs comfortable.


Dog crates come with many features such as single, top-access or double doors, wheels for easy transport, locking wheels for stability, the ability to collapse for easy storage or transport, and different door latch designs. Some will have removable trays for easier cleaning. Crates often have powder-coatings that will help resist rust and corrosion, particularly if it will be used outdoors. Some designs and colors can help reflect light and heat away from your dog.


Selecting the right crate size for your dog is important, particularly for toilet training. Dogs naturally do not want to soil their dens, or crates, so you want to ensure that your dog crate is large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in, but not so large that it can set aside a corner to soil and still sleep in another corner. Some standard crates offer panels that can be moved or removed as your dog grows. Otherwise, you may want to select the size that your adult-sized dog will need for the long-term.

The Top 6 Escape Proof Dog Crates

Let’s check out the top 6 dog crates to suit all budgets. Prices in our list range from about $150 up to around $1000.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

This heavy duty dog crate is resistant to rust and extremely durable. With its indestructible welds and heavy door latches, this cage will sustain the activity and efforts of the biggest, strongest, smartest dog. The ProSelect Dog Cage is made with 20-gauge steel and further strengthened by half-inch steel tubes. It comes with a steel tray for easy cleaning as well as a floor grate and locking casters to make it easier to move around.

With rounded corners and crash-proof construction, the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is designed to protect your large aggressive dog from hurting itself as well as in a car accident. It comes in a medium and large option so you can get the perfect fit for your pet, and users say it is easy to assemble. The ProSelect Empire costs just under $350 at the time of writing this.

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  • Durable and sturdy to prevent escaping.
  • Convenience features such as wheels and removable tray.
  • Usable indoors and outdoors.
  • Double sliding latches make door more secure.


  • Heavy and not portable.

Zinger Winger DX5000 Deluxe 5000 Aluminum Dog Crate

This strong yet lightweight dog crate comes with a lockable latch that discourages even the brightest pup from escaping. Since it is made from aircraft-gauge aluminum, the Zinger Winger crate weighs about the third of a steel cage of the same size, making it easier to move and transport. Crates are easy to assemble with common tools and are stackable for multiple dogs or to be used within a kennel. This industrial dog crate is well-ventilated and can hold dogs up to 150 pounds. The aluminum crate measures 28 inches by 32 inches by 40 inches and weighs less than 50 pounds.

This heavy duty crate costs around $900.

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  • Strong and durable.
  • Lightweight and easier to move than others.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Requires rails for airline approval.
  • No smaller sizes available.
  • Most item expensive on our list.

Impact Dog Crate (Collapsible), 450 Model, X-Large, Grey in Color

The Impact Dog crate is a heavy-duty, lightweight, collapsible escape-proof dog crate for large, strong dogs. With its marine-grade slam latch, the durable crate automatically locks upon closing. This crate is designed with extra large ventilation holes and its powder-coat directs heat away from the dog. Designed to be easy to assemble and collapse, this crate is about 20 percent lighter than other similar crates. The composite corners are rounded to offer protection and stackability. The 3/8 inch bars are welded for extra strength, and the crate includes airline required rails and is fully approved.

This crate by Impact costs approximately $750.

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  • Collapsible and portable for easy transport and storage.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdy, durable construction.
  • Designed for dog’s comfort.


  • Some users have had pets get stuck trying to get out.
  • There are some sharper edges according to some users.
  • Expensive.

Collapsible, Durable Aluminum Dog Crate from Grain Valley

This large heavy duty dog crate is collapsible. As it’s made from aluminum it is lighter than steel crates. Its powder-coated surface makes it resistant to rust, and its marine-grade stainless steel latches secure your large dog easily. The 3/8 inch bars have welded cross bars to increase strength and durability.

You can easily assemble and collapse this Grain Valley crate in seconds, which allows for easy storage and transport. The crate is designed with ventilation on all four sides, giving your dog an increased level of safety and comfort. Drain holes allow for quick clean-up.

For those dog owners who need to transport their dogs in airplanes, this crate comes with required rails and storage and is completely air transport compliant. You can select from medium, large and extra large sizes, which will accommodate dogs that are under 50 pounds to those up to 100 pounds.

This crate is priced around the $650 mark.

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  • Collapsible and easy-to-assemble.
  • Durable construction.
  • Slam lock, marine-grade latches.


  • On the expensive side.

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate Kennel

This silver-colored industrial dog crate is built using durable, commercial grade materials and workmanship. With its side door and top door access, this crate makes it easy to contain your active, large dog. The crate comes with a lipped tray for easy cleaning. The SmithBuilt crate has four casters including two that can be locked for easy moving and secure placement.

Available in multiple sizes, this crate can be selected to fit your active dog. Designed to last a lifetime, this kennel features 20-gauge steel tubes on a 3/4-inch frame. The side door has a double slide bolt latch, and the top door has a single latch. With an ultra-durable, multi-layer finish, the crate is resistant to rust, corrosion and fading when used inside or outside.

This crate costs less than $250 on Amazon at the time of writing this.

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  • Side and top door access.
  • Durable, heavy duty construction.
  • Rust, corrosion and fading resistant.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Some dogs have bent the wires.
  • Some users have complained about poor latches.

BestPet 42″ Professional Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage/Kennel On Wheels

This dog crate has a 3/4 of an inch frame with half-inch diameter steel tubes to create a durable enclosure for your active dogs. The side door features a heavy-duty door latch, and the unit can be opened from the top for additional convenience, feeding and cleaning. The crate comes with a removable tray that can be taken out easily and cleaned. The unit is easy to assemble and features four removable wheels. If you’d like to keep the wheels on for ease of moving, two can be locked to stabilize the crate.

This is the cheapest crate on our list and costs well under $200. This budget option is great for dogs that are not too large or strong.

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  • Easy to clean.
  • Quick to assemble.
  • Durable and heavy duty.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Some users have complained about weak latches.
  • Some stronger dogs have been able to break out.


Many users of heavy-duty, inescapable dog crates have large, active dogs that are naturally harder to contain. Many also have rescued dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety or general fear issues. In these and similar situations, dog owners may want to invest in an escape-proof dog crate for the sake of the animal’s safety and the protection of the owner’s belongings and home.

In general, heavy-duty dog crates designed to prevent your dog escaping are made using higher quality, stronger materials. They feature better, more complex workmanship to help increase the durability and strength of the crates. In most cases, these crates are compliant with air travel guidelines so that pets can be safely transported by plane. Owners who use these escape-proof crates to help train their pets properly should find that they are worth the investment.

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