Escape Proof Dog Kennel Reviews

Caring for your dog is a full-time responsibility. You want your dog to be well-fed, healthy, happy, and safe. Safety can become an issue when a dog has found a way to escape from its kennel. If your dog is good at performing a disappearing act, then this article is for you. This is a guide for pet owners who are in the market for an escape proof dog kennel that will contain even the sneakiest and strongest dogs that standard crates cannot contain. There are many dog kennels on the market today. We will break down the features, costs, and strength of several popular kennels. This article focuses on outdoor dog kennels. Click here to checkout escape proof dog crates that are primarily for indoor use or traveling.

What Are Dog Kennels?

Dogs are considered den animals, which means they like to have a cozy, confined place to rest. Providing a kennel for your dog helps it fulfill its natural instinct. In a kennel, your dog can be comfortable and have a place of solitude. A kennel can enhance feelings of safety and security, as well as provide a means for training your dog towards proper behavior.

Kennels are made in a variety of styles and with a variety of materials from plastic to metal. On the market, you will find an assortment of sizes. The rule of thumb in choosing the proper size for your dog is that the kennel should provide enough room for your dog to stand up and easily turn around.

About Escape Proof Dog Kennels

There are many reasons for purchasing an escape proof dog kennel. You may have a breed of dog that is too strong and powerful for a standard kennel. If you travel frequently, especially if you fly, you may require a sturdier product. Many dogs suffer from anxiety, whether due to noise or separation anxiety. Some kennels just can’t stand up to those things that dogs do such as chewing and pawing their way out of a kennel. Dogs are smart and will find their way out if they are so inclined.

Many dog owners have problems containing dogs in a traditional wire cage and are in need of a sturdy construction. Escape proof kennels provide dogs with a tougher and sturdier containment. These kennels are made of stronger materials such as 20 gauge steel and diamond tread aluminum. Bars are positioned closer together than on typical crates. Most also include locks that are impossible for dogs to manipulate.

Why Is My Dog Escaping?

Some dogs have made an art out of escaping their enclosures. There are a variety of reasons for this kind of behavior.

  • Anxiety – Anxiety is probably the most common reason for dogs to escape. Their anxiety may be caused by fear of something or from separation.
  • Loneliness – Being alone for long periods of time can cause a dog to escape.
  • Boredom – Dogs need companionship, stimulation and exercise. When they don’t receive this they may turn to destructive behavior.
  • Barren Environment – Your dog needs something such as a toy or playmate to offer stimulation while alone in an enclosure.
  • Puppy – Puppies are energetic and need an outlet for their energy.
  • Breed – You may have a particularly active breed of dog such as a herding or sporting breed of dog. These dogs need an active job in order to be happy.
  • Protect Their Territory – If a dog feels like it is threatened or its home is threatened they may seek to escape the situation or respond to an intruder.

Escape proof dog kennel

What To Consider Before Buying A Dog Kennel

A dog kennel can be a major investment, so you will want to consider several things before making your purchase.

Here is a list of features to consider before making your purchase:


One of the first questions you must ask yourself is what is the purpose of the kennel. Is it for travel? Is it for containment for long periods or time? Will it be used for more than one animal?

  • Safety is probably the number one reason for purchasing a kennel – safety for your dog and safety for others.
  • To provide a structure that will contain the strongest of dogs.
  • To contain a dog that is particularly aggressive, dominant, or energetic.
  • To serve as a travel container for your pet.
  • For use as a training or housebreaking tool.


What type of kennel is best for your dog and situation? What is available on the market? What materials are these kennels made of?

  • Kennels are made for outdoor use and indoor use.
  • Kennels are made from a variety of materials such as wire, plastic, steel, etc.
  • Consider quality construction such as aluminum that is corrosion resistant and stainless steel that is finished with a coating to prevent rust.


Kennels are made with various features to consider, such as:

  • Weight – Is it lightweight enough to transport easily.
  • Is it a permanent fixture or is it collapsible? Collapsible kennels are ideal for travel. You will want a kennel that collapses easily and stores well.
  • Does it have a covering to provide shade or to offer darkness from indoor lighting?
  • You will want to consider how you will clean the kennel, so consider one that has a tray underneath that pulls out for cleaning or has space underneath for sweeping or hosing.


You will want to look for a well-made product from a company that guarantees its product. Examine seams and welding quality before making your purchase. Poorly made crates are the start of a dogs escape route.


There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the right size kennel for your pet. The number one factor is the size of your dog. A good rule of thumb to follow is to go slightly larger – at least six inches longer than the length of the dog and six inches higher than the dog’s shoulder. The dog should be able to stand up and turn around comfortably.


If you choose a kennel made with metals you will want to make sure that the kennel is treated to prevent rust or corrosion. Making sure water doesn’t seep through and wet your dog is also important. You will need to periodically clean the kennel, so this is an important feature if you want to take it outside to hose down.

Door Latch

There are several options and features for door latches, such as:

  • Marine-grade hardware latches
  • Latches that lock automatically
  • Double door latches
  • Slide bolt latches


When budgeting for your kennel purchase, expect to spend between $200 – $500 for a quality-made kennel.

The Top 6 Inescapable Dog Kennels

Now that you are ready to go shopping for your dog’s enclosure, let’s take a look at some of the top-ranked kennels on the market.

Lucky Dog Welded Wire Kennel

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This kennel is for residential and professional outdoor use. It is made of heavy-duty welded steel that is coated for rust and corrosion protection. Among its features are 1.5 inch raised legs that enable the owner to easily clean underneath with a broom or hose. Its modular design means that the panels and gate can be positioned in any way. This product comes with a waterproof cover. For safety, the kennel has a lockable gate latch. It measures 4’6” H x 4’ L x 4’ W. This product cost is around $150.

Overall reviews of this kennel were positive. It was noted that the construction is sturdier than other kennels, and is one of the few that is described as “escape-proof.” The only negative review about this product is that some buyers found the measurements given to be inaccurate.

Advanter Pet Gazebo

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The Advanter Pet Gazebo is a residential outdoor kennel that is described as travel-friendly. It is made of sturdy steel, that is powder-coated. It has an unusual octagonal design. Each gazebo can be connected to other gazebos with no additional parts. This purchase also includes a weather resistant polyurethane cover. Safety features for this containment include safe-secure latching access windows. The gazebos come in three sizes. The small size is for dogs up to 50 lbs. The medium is for dogs weighing up to 100 lbs. The large size is for dogs up to 180 lbs.

Those who reviewed this kennel described it as roomy and solid. Most buyers found it easy to assemble with the exception of the roof which some found difficult to attach. At a cost of around $130, some found this to be a good value for the prize.

Pet Safe Cottageview Boxed Kennel

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Pet Safe offers this primarily outdoor kennel made of durable rust-resistant black powder coated finish with welded wire. One unusual feature of this kennel is that it is expandable with accessory panels. Another feature is its sunblock top that keeps dogs cool in warm temperatures. The kennel measures 5’ L x 5’ W x 4’H. This is the highest priced enclosure in this review retailing around $300-$400.

Reviews for this kennel describe owners as pleased with their purchase commenting most about its sturdy structure. Another positive feature of this product is its favorable lock design.

Lucky Do Kennel – Lucky Dog Modular Box Kennel

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This outdoor kennel gets high marks for its safety and comfort. It is constructed of 100% commercial grade steel with seamless welding. Its modular design provides for customization and easy installation. This kennel includes a roof and cover. It also features 1.5“ raised legs for easy cleaning underneath. This particular unit measures 6’H x 10’ L x 10’ W and is built for medium to large dogs. Its primary safety feature is a dog-safe lockable latch.

Those who reviewed this product described it as a little difficult to assemble with instructions that were not helpful. Another reviewer was concerned about the quality of the construction. Despite those reviewers, others who purchased this kennel found it very suitable for containing their energetic, large dogs.

Parkland Pet Portable, Foldable Playpen Exercise Kennel

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This is the smallest kennel that we reviewed measuring 17” x 27” x 27”. This kennel is for indoor and outdoor use and is considered a good travel enclosure. This foldable kennel is made of mesh and a tent-like fabric. The good news is that it requires no assembly. This kennel’s doors are secured with zippers. It is collapsible which means that it transports and stores easily. The small size of this kennel costs approximately $20.

This product received positive reviews for being extremely light and portable. Owners found it easy to clean and maintain. This product seems to be a good choice for pet owners whose pets are inactive or in need of a safe space to recover from an injury or surgery.

Fence Smart 4U Dog Kennel Shade Cover

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This product is simply a shade covering for your dog kennel. It is made of dark green UV rated material with sunblock shade panels. These panels are a knitted HDPE polyethylene design. It is water and UV resistant fabric that allows for maximum airflow. It is reinforced with 4-ply binding tape for extra strength to prevent tears from chewing and pawing. Grommets are included to secure this 96” x 120” x 0.2” covering. The cost of this covering is around $30.

This product was rated five stars by those who purchased it. It seems to be a quality product that provides the shading needed for dogs on hot summer days.


Your pet deserves the best of care, and you as a pet owner want to provide a secure and safe environment for them. Investing in a quality escape proof kennel is one way to offer good care. Do your research, and find the best product for your pet’s needs and for your budget. Then you will be able to keep your lovable escape artist from harming themselves and others.

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