Best Squeaky Toy for Dogs

You want your dog to be happy. They’re your best friend and always around to cheer you up no matter what your mood is. They just seem to know when you need them and are always happy to see you. To pay them back for the unconditional love they show you; you spoil them rotten with treats, toys, and various activities. This article will go over the best squeaky toys for dogs, including reviews top pros and cons, links to the products, why dogs need them, and what makes them the best squeaky toy for dogs.

Why Do Dogs Need Toys?

Your dog is prone to boredom, and a bored dog is a destructive dog. If they have toys, they are more likely to chew on those and leave your things alone. They’ll also act as self-entertainment. Your dog will be able to keep themselves stimulated, and their hunting instinct honed. You can train them to do ‘jobs’ like finding their toys as well so they have a feeling of usefulness.

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

The biggest theory out there states that your dog needs squeaky toys because of their nature. In the wild, your dog’s prey would make noise as they hunted it, and this would allow your dog to find it. This response is part of your dog’s natural hunting instinct, and once the prey is caught, it would make noises as your dog killed it. This reaction provides your dog the satisfaction of fulfilling their natural instinct to hunt and kill prey without actually killing anything. Playing with a squeaky toy is also a great way to burn excess energy.

What Should You Look for in a Squeaky Toy?

When you go to purchase a new squeaky toy for your dog, there are several things to look out for and consider. You should think about your dog’s personality and personal preferences. Many dogs are classified as aggressive chewers, and you want a toy that will stand up to this habit, along with other issues listed below.

Dog with squeaky toy


This is one of the most important things to consider when you purchase a new toy for your dog. If they’re heavy chewers and your toy isn’t strong enough, you’ll have a pile of shredded toy with stuffing everywhere. There are many varieties of toys, from soft and plushy to more durable rubber and rope toys.

Correct Sizing

If you have a smaller dog, it makes sense to get a smaller toy, the same goes for a large dog and a large toy. Larger dog toys tend to be made to withstand more rambunctious play, and smaller dogs will have trouble lifting and playing with them if they’re as big as they are.

Texture and Shape

Your dog will be more entertained if they’re toys have different texture and shapes. You could have plush toys for when you’re able to supervise play time and rubber toys for when your dog is unsupervised or alone. Dog toys come in all shapes as well. Your dog will enjoy figuring out how to carry and play with oddly shaped toys. You will quickly find out which textures your dog prefers, and which is best suited for their style of play.

Removable Squeaker

Some of the best squeaky toys for dogs come with removable squeakers. Technically, you could cut open any toy and pull the squeaker out and sew it back up, but that’s a hassle. Your dog may love their new toy, but it has the potential to drive their humans crazy. You can look for dog toys that have an opening or zippered spot for easy squeaker removal. However, you should know that your dog may lose interest in the toy if it stops making noise.

What Should You Avoid in a Squeaker Toy?

When you choose a new squeaker toy, you want to consider the consequences of buying a cheap toy or a toy that looks like a household item.

Cheaply Made

It may be tempting to grab the cheapest toy you can find, but you get what you pay for. A cheap toy is usually a quickly shredded toy, and when your aim is to entertain your dog for a long as possible, this won’t work.

Cheap dog toy

Human Toys

You should always buy your dogs toys that are specifically designed for them, and avoid human children toys. They could have small pieces or parts that your dog could choke on if they swallow them.

Toys that Mimic Household Items

You’re setting your dog up to fail if you buy them toys that resemble slippers or other household items. They are unable to tell the difference between their toys, and your expensive shoes. Your dog is more likely to grab your things and destroy them thinking they are toys.

Toys that Contain BPA

Make sure your dog toy doesn’t have BPA, as this chemical can make your dog sick if it is ingested. The BPA chemical is capable of seeping into your dog through their mouths, or they could potentially swallow pieces of the toy.

Too Small Toys

If you purchase toys that are too small for your dog, they can destroy them faster or potentially swallow pieces. This could lead to intestinal blockage and possible surgical removal.

Toys that Come Apart

If your dog’s toys come apart quickly, it defeats the purpose of entertainment. They’ll shred them and leave stuffing everywhere. They could come back and attempt to eat parts of it, which can again lead to digestive issues.

The Top Five Dog Chew Toys

For the final piece of this article, we will go over the five top dog chew toys with product links, descriptions, and the main two pros and cons as listed by reviewers. This is why it’s so important to review when you buy a product. It gives other potential buyers warnings or assurance about the quality of the things they are looking to purchase.

1. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel and Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toy

This toy is made of durable, plush material and comes in several sizes for every dog. The squirrels can be hidden in the stump, making your dog search for it, and this product is budget-friendly, running approximately $10 per set. The hidden toys are small enough that any dog can have a blast finding and carrying them around. The reviewer’s opinions are in, and they listed their top two pros and cons below.

Buy now from Amazon


  • Several sizes
  • Price


  • Stump portion can rip
  • Squirrels are on the small side

2. ZippyPaws Zingy 3-Squeaker No Stuffing Plush Dog Toy

This stuffing-less squeaker toy comes with three different squeaker options. It is designed for dogs of all sizes and comes in a two pack for extra fun. This is one of the more inexpensive options on the list, coming in at around $10 and is easy to clean up in case of a chewing disaster as it has no stuffing. This toy is advertised for heavy chewers and is a durable, inexpensive option. The Amazon reviewers who have purchased this product listed their top two pros and cons below.

Buy now from Amazon


  • Three squeakers and no stuffing
  • Price


  • Loud squeakers that can be excessive
  • Fuzzy outside that tends to stick to everything

3. KONG Air Dog Squeakair Dog Toy Tennis Balls

The KONG brand is known for its durability. This three pack of squeaky tennis balls are sure to delight any dog. They come in four different sizes, and feature a non-abrasive outer covering. The bright color ensures you won’t lose this ball when you play fetch with your dog. These great balls cost as little as $5, depending on the pack that you buy.

Buy now from Amazon


  • Combines a squeaker with a tennis ball for hours of fun
  • Bright color and non-abrasive


  • Different pricing for different sizes
  • A few of the squeakers are more fragile

4. ZippyPaws Loopy 6-Squeaker Plush Dog Toy, Hedgehog

A fun, durable, and plush squeaker toy from ZippyPaws. This circular toy features six squeakers for hours of fun. It is very budget friendly, clocking in at around $10 per toy, and is recommended for aggressive chewers. The reviewers have stated their opinions, and the top two pros are cons are listed below.

Buy now from Amazon


  • Very cost effective for any budget
  • Excellent for aggressive chewers


  • Loud squeakers, all six of them
  • Head and feet tend to get torn off quickly

5. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

This fun, interactive dog toy will be sure to delight your pet for hours. It comes in many different character options, and you hide the little animals inside and your dog has to sniff them out. This toy is better suited to medium and small dogs as the squeaky toys are a smaller design. This is made with durable, plush fabric that your dog will enjoy playing around for hours. The reviewers sounded off on their top two pros and cons below. This toy costs just under $10.

Buy now from Amazon


  • Very cost effective for any budget
  • Stimulating, interactive plush toy


  • Not made for large dogs
  • Not made for aggressive chewers


When you buy toys for your dog you want something they are going to enjoy for a long time, because your dog will get attached to them. You want to pick a toy that is going to be safe, as well as stimulating to catch and keep your dog’s attention. You can buy a few toys are rotate them out, because when it comes to your dog, the saying out of sight, out of mind really shines through. They’ll take to a rotated toy like it’s a brand new one every time. This buying guide should help you made a choice or two to get your dog’s toy collection started. and get them on their way to owning the best squeaky toy for dogs available.

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