The Best Pooper Scooper for Grass

Picking up after an animal is a chore pet owners know all too well. This task involves getting equipment to perform the task, utilizing your physical fitness to bend and reach for the feces, and finding the correct disposal location. This task doesn’t have to be too demanding though. With a proper pooper scooper, your job will be a breeze. Finding the correct device for this task is something that takes a little digging, figuratively speaking. Most scoopers will work across multiple surfaces, with one surface proving to be the toughest opponent: grass. The best pooper scooper for grass contains unique elements that others will not feature, making the difference between devices worthy of highlighting. Below we’ll take a look at some of the top pooper scoopers on the market. First, let’s get into a brief history of the pooper scooper.

What is a Pooper Scooper?

This fancy terminology is used to name a user-friendly device. These devices work to assist you in waste pick-up and removal. They can usually be found in a broom and pan-type fashion. They help you gain easier access to waste. They also eliminate the need to get too close to the pungent smells. It is a personal waste removal assistant. These devices are often used in a one-scoop fashion. This simply means they perform one task at a time. It was invented to give animal owners an easier way to pick-up waste. They are also multi-purpose in terms of the animal, meaning there are usually no discrepancies between breed and animal feces types. [Although they are normally marketed to one specific animal]

Why Use One?

The uses of the pooper scooper are ten-fold. They don’t require you to get your hands dirty. Some animal feces will give off pungent smells and odors. Others can potentially harm the user. These devices are a more efficient way of cleaning up. Surfaces, like grass, pose as a tough cleaning task. When utilizing other devices, you can spread the feces and cause it to sink within the grass. This keeps the smell and may harm the surfaces it oozes into. Pooper scoopers reduce this risk and ensure a proper cleaning. The physical task of cleaning up poop can be demanding. Bending causes unwanted pressures on your back and bones. Reduce the physical threat with a tool that limits the wear and tear on your body.

Common problems when Picking up Dog Waste from Grass

Among the list of benefits comes a continuation with grass. Grass offers a hot bed for animal waste. It is the most commonly used surface for animals. It is no wonder that grass can also pose the biggest threat to clean up. Grass acts as both an attractant and an absorber. Grass will absorb the waste and will become intertwined with this surface. Grass is like a sticky comb when it comes to animal waste. The grass becomes at-risk to the pick-up process too. The user will unknowingly collect grass when they pick up waste. Over time, this can harm the surface growth and sustainability. This is a no win proposition for both the user and the grass. Clearly, the best way to get rid of dog poop in your yard is with a scooper!

Dog pooping

What to Consider When Buying

We have now reached the product introduction point. You don’t want just any ordinary scooper. You want a scooper that gets the job done and utilizes an ease of access. If you are carrying this device on your walks, take size into consideration. A lightweight option will benefit the user in these instances. If you require at-home use, the size becomes less of a concern. These locations can benefit from a larger, bulkier device. This will provide a more complete job. Pan-like scoopers work best on hard and smooth surfaces. Since grass is the main opponent, a scooper with prongs or forks will work best. This will comb through the grass and will ensure the grass remains intact. Some other features are permissible for this task and we’ll list them below:

  • A long or short handle (long handles benefit the reduction of body wear and tear)
  • Weight/Size (the smaller animal requires a smaller device)
  • Built-in bag compartment (limit the number of items you have to carry with built-in disposal bags)
  • Additional features (some devices offer waste storage components, perfect for the duration of a long walk)

The Top 6 Dog Pooper Scoopers

We now dive into the list of our top 6 pooper scooper recommendations. These reviews will highlight some of the areas we have touched on previously. We will also give a price point review, helping you locate the best model for your bucks.

Arm & Hammer 71034 Swivel Bin and Rake, Black/Penny

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Our first combo is the Arm & Hammer bin and rake set. This set features a lower price point, a little under $20, creating for a nice value option. The rake utilizes a plastic shaft with a metal head. The head contains 7 separate prongs with close spacing. This benefits the heavy-duty usage and limits the wear on grass surfaces. The bin utilizes a swiveling motion, continuing the benefits listed for consumer use. Each of the poles extends to 32" to maximize the use of a fluid motion. This also helps reduce the stress placed on the body during clean-up. This package allows for simple storage through the use of a connectivity measure. All pieces completely dissemble to fit comfortably in the bin. This makes for an intriguing feature for those who have space and storage concerns. The bin also has two added loops. These loops help host the use of a disposal bag. This device combo is rather complete for the price it is set at.

Bodhi Dog Complete Poo Pack | Pooper Scooper, Poop Bags, and Pet Dog Waste Bag Holder

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The Complete Poo Pack is an all-in-one device. This device mimics as a grabber, which is often used by those who have trouble reaching. The top handle features the pulley mechanism, which triggers the bottom bin to open. This package comes with disposable bags for your convenience. The price point is set at $20, making it a mid-range option for the consumer. Being an all-in-one device, it requires little effort to operate. The disposable bags can be wrapped around the bottom bin. This creates a single step process for the user. The tool disconnects in the middle, minimizing the size concern. It is very lightweight and easy to operate. Carrying out the complete process, this device minimalizes the effort needed to efficiently remove waste.

Petphabet Easy Patrol Jaw Dog Poop Scooper, Available in Medium or Large Size and in 7 Colors

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The Petphabet system utilizes the same properties the Complete Poo Pack does. It comes at a discount in price, hovering around 15-20 Dollars. The features housed include the duplication of the same handle and bin combo. These two are connected to limit the steps needed to clean the waste. Since the bin attacks the waste from both sides, minimal residue will remain. It also completely covers the waste, ensuring you are able to grab all of it with one trigger squeeze. This device comes in two separate sizes, keeping the same price point. This is a nice pricing feature for those prescribing differential usages. The handle contains comfort grooves, simplifying the process even further. This package does not come with disposable bagss, hence the smaller price point. It does support the use of disposable bags. It comes in 7 different colors to suit your personal style.

Royal Pet Spotty Metal Tray with Rake

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The Spotty Meal Tray with rake combines functionality with durability. It functions to great depths with the 36" length housed by the rake and bin. Beyond this extensive length, it is constructed of steel material. This material is durable and will stand up to the test of time. The construction causes from the higher price point of about $25 USD. The everyday user might benefit a little more from hosting this combo pack. The rake attaches to the via a small holder, optimizing storage. The prongs on the rake are also tough. They offer little give, holding larger amounts of waste than plastic counterparts. The rake also limits the damage done to the grass terrain. Proving to be both environmentally and user friendly, this device is built to last.

Jibber Gear Natural Pooper Scooper by Jibber Gear 48″ Long Handle Lawn Saver Design

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The most important feature of a good pooper scooper is a strong scooper. This 48" behemoth gives new meaning to the little effort needed to operate. The shaft is comprised of treated wood, adding sturdy handling to extended uses. The rake is comprised of high quality steel. The steel rake is angled to meet the ground on flat terms. This allows you to immerse your tool underneath the waste easily. This device operates as a shovel and the curvature ensures you are performing a complete pick up. Due to the strengthened elements involved in construction, this model resides near the high-end market. It is priced just under $35 at the time of writing this. This item only comes with the rake. This rake is one of the strongest on the market. It will make you forget about leftovers with a simple lifting technique.

Four Paws Grass Wire Rake Dog Scooper

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Four Paws adds simplicity to the pooper scooper space. Their rakes mimic the look of an enlarged garden rake. This product uses an easy-grip plastic handle. The rake is made of steel wiring, extending directly from the handle. The steel is shaped into a basket form, which also has prongs. The duality of the basket and prongs provide for a rake and bin combo in one. The prongs are also curved, allowing you to comb through rough terrains with ease. It is safe for grass use, due to the non-penetration design. It extends to almost 30" in length, making it a rather compact model. The price point is the most beneficial feature of this device. It comes in at just under $10.00. No flashy bells and whistles with this device, just reliable servicing.


As with all items that require user operation, it is important to establish individual needs. Each of these products host features that make them stand out on an individual basis. Combing through the items you should look for, you should be able to combine your wants into one of the devices listed. Heavier usage requires a sturdier device. Light usage may not carry as many requirements as the everyday user would. These options represent practical items for use on grass surfaces. Help increase your environmental support and make this process a little less daunting for yourself. The best dog poop scooper for grass can be found simply and efficiently with this guide.

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