Best No Pull Dog Harness – The Top 6

While taking your dog for a walk ought to be fun, in most cases, the dog pulls you around as it needs to make contact with its canine buddies or chase small animals. Buying a new harness for your dog will not minimize the pulling. To this end, many dog owners are going for no-pull dog harnesses which come with chest and shoulder straps instead of shoulder straps or neck collars only. The best no-pull dog harness significantly reduces the pulling by distributing the pressure on the dog’s body.

Why Do Dogs Pull?

The common belief is that dogs want to be pack leaders and dominant over their human owners. However, dogs just love to be outside their kennels. A walk is thus a stimulating and exciting activity, and they look up to it; the desire to push ahead is therefore very strong. Again, the natural walking pace of a dog is much faster than that of a human being; humans are not fit to be dogs’ walking partners. To maintain the same pace with human beings, a dog requires a level of impulse control that can only be afforded after a special training.

How to Teach Dogs Not to Pull

As well as a dog harness to stop pulling, a dog should to be taught to walk on a leash without pulling and without pain or discomfort. There are awesome equipment that can help you train your dog without hassle. A chest-led/no pull harness, for instance, is a great tool that distributes the pressure all over the dog’s body taking it from its neck. A leash attached to the chest strap turns the dog around when they pull rather than thrusting them forward. With time, the dog learns not to pull as the reward is not satisfying.

Leash pulling is reinforced when the dog owner allows the dog to get to where they want to go every time they pull. You can, however, stand still when the dog pulls until the leash stops and the dog turns around. This method may, however, work slowly. If this happens, turn to the reverse direction and start walking every time the dog pulls.

Dogs are the best human friends; ergo, owners can motivate their dogs to walk close to them, either by rewarding them for doing so or by using a friendly voice to call their attention. The moment a dog starts listening to you, vary your tactics and engage it in different activities; the dog will listen more as he does not know what comes next.

Dog pulling lead

What is a No Pull Harness?

No pull harnesses, also referred to as chest-led harnesses are effective tools in reducing pulls during leash. Unlike normal harnesses, these harnesses come with a clip that is attached to a strap running across a dog’s chest and another clip attached to the shoulder strap adding more control. Seeing that the dog’s center of gravity is somewhere around its chest, when the dog pulls, it is turned around instead of pushing forward.

These harnesses are unique in that they do not cause the dog any unnecessary discomfort or pain. The harnesses are designed to be effective and pain-free and also to complement behavioral training to completely curb leash pulling. With no-pull dog harnesses, the moment a dog is turned around, the owner gives it a gesture, sometimes a command, and with time, the dog learns to listen to the owner’s voice.

What to Consider when Choosing a Harness for Dogs that Pull

There are three main factors to consider when shopping for the best no pull dog harness; comfort, durability, and size. Some companies create straps that cause discomfort with the backing that discomfort will make a dog stop pulling. Nonetheless, this, besides harming your dog, can worsen the pulling. Again, for a strong dog, the durability of a harness is key; you wouldn’t want to shop for a strap every week.

Finally, there are different sizes of harnesses. The comfort and usability of a harness will be determined by its size in relation to the size of your dog. Dogs can easily slip from a loose harness leaving you stranded; avoid this by getting the right size harness.

Top 6 No Pull Dog Harnesses

We take a look at some of the best harnesses for dogs that pull:

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

Best No Pull Dog Harness
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Designed for everyday use. This harness from Ruffwear comes easy to put on and comfortable on dogs. There are two leash attachment clips; an aluminum V-ring on the dog’s shoulder strap and another one at the dog’s chest strap. These two clips give the dog owner additional control and makes it easy to train a dog. Better yet, there is an ID pocket designed to keep dog tags silent and ease access.

With 5 available sizes to choose from, this is the most versatile harness as it accommodates all dog sizes. Better still there are four adjustment points to allow a good fit for your dog. Its padded belly and chest panel makes it comfortable for dogs. The harness retails at $38 -$41 and is offered in alpenglow pink and black making it a colorful and great looking harness. However, this harness is relatively expensive. Other colors are available.

Freedom No Pull Harness

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The Freedom No Pull Harness is a popular brand thanks to its unique design. This blue medium dog harness features a martingale loop attached at the shoulders strap which gently tightens around the dog’s chest thereby shunning leash pull. There is also a chest loop that gives the dog owner more control. The harness comes with four adjustability spots making it safe, comfortable and suitable for all dog sizes and breeds. Unlike a horde of other harnesses, this brand is suitable for dogs with amputations and injuries.

A ring fitted on the chest strap makes it easier for the dog walker to control the dog’s direction. Its double-ended leash lets the walker access the back and the front and steers the dog just like one would a horse. The leather straps are durable; plus the company offers a chewing warranty with the promise to replace up to 2 chewed straps with the owner only incurring shipping costs. This harness retails at $32 – $34. Compared to other straps, this design may be a little uncomfortable to the dog.

Chai’s Choice Pet No Pull Dog Harness

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Chai’s Choice is a stylish no-pull harness designed for small and medium sized dog. This harness was created with the goal of eliminating neck pains caused by wearing neck collars. This harness is offered sturdy enough to not only restrain strong dogs but also last long. It is the most ideal strap for dog transport as its design allows it to be easily attached to the seatbelts to restrict the movement of your dog. Even better, it accommodates injured and handicapped dogs.

The creator of this harness has concentrated on appearance and durability. Its outer layer is a scratch resistant oxford material with a sponge lining in belly and chest panel. There is a three-meters reflective material attached to nylon webbing for safety at night. Chai’s Choice retails at $24 – $30. Two drawbacks though, this harness is not suitable for large dogs and is only designed to restrain dogs comfortably and not train them to stop pulling.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness, Smart

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This smart dog harness was created for dog transportation but can also be used for dog walking. It is a great looking and comfortable harness that makes it easier and safer to restrain dogs. Its seatbelt webbing coupled with other high-quality materials make the strap sturdy enough for all dog sizes and durable enough to give value for money.

With five adjustment spots, this harness can accommodate dogs of all sizes. Its quick release buckles make it easier to put on the harness. For safety while driving, a seatbelt tether accompanies the harness. This strap retails at $20 – $25; a great price for its quality. However, this harness, besides distributing pressure throughout the dog’s body, lacks special features to train a dog on a no-pull leash.

Harness Lead No Pull Dog Harness

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Harness Lead, sold as an escape proof dog harness works well when the dog owner perfectly aligns black stops with dog’s front leg. The principle here is to stop the dog by leash tightening around barrel. This harness is created to offer comfort around the neck. When using this easy to strap harness, dog owners are advised not to yank or jerk the harness and not to use this for running with the dog; is so happens, the leash tightens in the dog’s front leg and stops it. To this end, the strap should be used gently.

Made of soft nylon, the harness is easy on the dog. It also features no buckles that may harm your dog. The black stops make the harness adjustable and suitable for dogs of all sizes. With the same principle of restraining leash pull, the harness tightens when a dog tries to escape. Used correctly, this strap is the best in leash pull training. Nevertheless, the fact that it should be used gently is a drawback as many dog owners forget and jerk making the dog uncomfortable.

The Harness Lead retails at $20 – $25.

Walk Your Dog With Love No Pull Dog Harness

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This is a front-leading harness that allows you steering and control. The harness was created with the principle that attaching a leash from behind will only motivate pulling and seeing that it is attached to the chest, it ensures that the dog is not led from its neck. It does not sport heavy rings and sliders or sharp sewn parts to ensure it does not prick the skin of your dog and creates no confusion for humans.

A 3m reflective material that can reflect a car’s headlights from up to 300 meters offers safety. The harness is fully adjustable and comes in seven sizes accommodating dogs between 5 and 250 pounds. To assure buyers of durability, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee. Besides the guarantee, this is the most durable harness. However, for a tall person walking a dog, the front leading leash may be uncomfortable on the dog’s neck. It retails at around $35.


There are hundreds of dog harnesses for you to choose from and to get the best no pull dog harness, you need to know your dog well; its strength, girth size, pulling habits and much more. Some of the above mentioned no pull harnesses are versatile, but others only offer a single function for a group of dog sizes. When shopping for a harness, ensure that the harness not only feels comfortable to the dog but also to you in terms of usage.

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