The Best Glow In The Dark Leash for Dogs

Buying a leash for your dog is one of the most exciting purchases because of all the options available. With so many different, colors, patterns, and styles, it can be a little overwhelming to make the right choice. Making the right choice, however, is so important because the leash is one of the most used pieces of equipment for dogs and their owners. A unique and beneficial type of leash that has become more popular lately is the glow in the dark leash. These leashes range from those made of a reflective material to those that are electrically powered.

Why Use a Glow in the Dark Leash?

Glowing leashes have many benefits, the main one being safety. Many dog owners love to take their pets for early morning or late night strolls and runs. A glowing leash makes a dog and walker/runner more clearly visible to others, especially motorists. During walks, dogs tend to run or walk ahead of their human companions, and these leashes help make sure that drivers are aware of the dog. Some leashes even flash or blink to provider more safety during outside excursions.

Those who live in rural areas and hikers also benefit greatly from these special leashes because of the lack of lighting in those areas. It’s much easier to hike in peace knowing where the dog is. Pair the leash with a glow in the dark dog collar and the dog is even easier to see. He is safe by their human’s side.

Besides safety and convenience, glowing leashes simply look cool. There are dozens of different colors, shapes, sizes, and features of glowing leashes that will match anyone’s tastes. It’s definitely something to get a dog noticed.

What to Look For

There are several different types of glowing leashes. It is important to be aware of some key differences in order to pick the best and most fitting leash. As with any leash, there are a variety of sizes to choose from. It is important to always look at the size charts included on the product to choose the proper size to match the dog. It’s never a good idea to walk a Great Dane with a leash sized for a Chihuahua. Length is also important. Some leashes are tape leashes with a retractable handle and others are sized at the standard 4ft and 6ft. Tape leashes are versatile, but they’re usually not a good idea for dogs over 110 pounds.

Leash sSize chart

Sample size chart

A very important difference in glowing leashes is the type of glow. Some leashes are passive reflective, meaning that they only glow when light, such as a headlight, hits them. Others are battery powered and they will emit light even in total darkness. Battery powered leashes are very convenient, however, it’s a good idea to look for one that is rechargeable to avoid having to buy replacement batteries.

Durability is also a very important component to think about when buying a glowing leash. Waterproofing is a very handy feature, especially in a battery powered model. The stitching should also be durable and tight with lock X box stitching on all linking parts. The most durable leash materials tend to be nylon and nylon blends. The leash itself should be flexible.

The Top 3 Glow in the Dark Leashes

Illumiseen LED Dog Leash

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The Illumiseen dog leash is a traditional style LED dog leash that is sold in both 4ft and 6ft lengths and runs between 24-30 dollars. It also comes in six colors: orange, pink, green, blue, red, and yellow. The illumination from these leash comes from battery powered LED lighting. Conveniently, the battery is rechargeable by a USB cable and can hold five hours of illumination per one hour charge. With a flick of the switch the lights can go from rapid flash, to slow flash, to a steady glow.

Unlike some of the other models, however, this leash is not waterproof. It will last just fine in light rain or damp conditions, but the battery should be protected during heavy rain or other very wet conditions. While there are a variety of colors and a couple of different lengths, there are no options for the heaviness of the leash.

GlowHERO LED Light Up Dog Leash

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The GlowHERO dog leash is also an LED battery powered dog leash. In addition to the LED lighting, the stitching is reflective as well to give added lighting visibility and safety. It is sold in a 4.2ft length and in green, yellow, and pink. Currently, the lightweight leash sells for between 20-30 dollars. The nylon webbing and securely encased battery make this leash durable and water resistant. While it should not be submerged in water, this leash will easily repel rain and other wet conditions during normal use.

While the battery is a common type found in multiple stores, it is not rechargeable like other models. Like some of the other leashes, this one is only sold in one weight; however, it is designed to be lightweight at 5.5 ounces.

Flexi Neon Leash

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The Flexi Neon leash is a brightly colored retractable tape leash. The tape itself is 16ft long and it is sold in a bright neon yellow color. There are three sizes: small, medium, and large to suit a variety of dogs up to 110 pounds. The small sells for around 15 dollars, the medium for around 20 dollars, and the large for around 25 dollars. Although it only comes in one color, that color is bright and is located on both the handle and the leash tape itself to give a reflective glow. The brake on the leash and the handle is reinforced and durable.

Unlike some other glowing leashes, this leash is not battery powered. That means that although there are no problems with batteries to be changed or charged, there is not as distinct a glow that the other types of leashes have. This leash is unique in that there are a variety of leash sizes, but some users may find it disappointing that there are no color options other than the original black and neon yellow option.


With the overwhelming number of glow in the dark leashes available on the market it can be difficult to determine which one is the best to buy. Taking the time to consider the different features and uses of these leashes will make it much easier to choose the one that will fit the desired purpose. Dog owners should take the time to consider important features such as design, size, battery power, and durability in order to choose the most suitable glow in the dark leash. Any dog and dog owner will be happy once they have found the perfect product for them.

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