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Cat ownership is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, cat ownership is higher than dog ownership in some states.

Cat owners know a secret. They know about the mutual love and joy they share with their favorite furry companion, without the high maintenance that other pets require. The one thing cats do ask for in return is a healthy lifestyle. This includes choosing the best dry cat food to keep your friend in tip-top shape, both inside and out.

Avantages to Dry Cat Food

There are several advantages to feeding dry cat food to your favorite feline. The obvious advantage to the owner is the convenience. Dry cat food is easy to store, easy to measure, and can sit out for longer periods of time allowing your cat to eat when it wants to. Dry cat food is also cheaper than wet food and keeps your cat fuller for longer periods of time.

Dry cat food benefits not only the owner, but there are healthy benefits for the cat as well. Dry cat food is higher in nutrients than wet food. All you need to add for a balanced diet is a full water bowl. The biggest advantage to dry cat food is the effect chewing dry food has on your cat’s dental health. Chewing dry food has a abrasive rubbing effect which helps remove tarter from your cat’s teeth. Many dry foods have added chemicals that help keep tarter from building up. Controlling their food also allows you to control their litter to some extent.

Cat eating food

How To Choose the Right Dry Cat Food

When looking for a dry cat food, there are several things to consider. The most important is nutrition. You want to make sure the cat food provides all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs on a daily basis, without fillers and artificial ingredients. If the food is too high in fat, your cat could have trouble digesting it. Taste is important. Buying food is a waste of money if your cat won’t eat it. The size of the kibble is also important. If your cat just swallows the kibble whole, it looses the dental advantage of removing tarter. Comparing the top 6 brands will help you choose the best dry cat food for your cat’s individual needs.

The Best Dry Cat Food For Cats

Meow Mix Original Choice

Meow Mix Original Choice is a common dry cat food that most people recognize. It provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals that cats require for a balanced diet. The main advantage to Meow Mix is the low cost, making this is an affordable cat food for houses with multiple cats. Meow Mix cost under $1.00 per pound of cat food. The main problem with Meow Mix is that the main ingredients are corn and meat by-products. A lower quality of protein means that cats need to eat more to feel satisfied, which can lead to weight problems. Many owners switch to a higher-quality cat food once they realize what ingredients Meow Mix Original contains.

Purina ONE Indoor Advantage

While Purina ONE Indoor Advantage lists real turkey as the main ingredient, it does include corn gluten meal as well. This brand is almost twice as expensive as Meow Mix at about $1.25 per pound. However, it is still an affordable option providing 100% of the daily nutrition that cats need. This is a good medium quality dry cat food that provides a higher quality of protein at an affordable price. The problem with Purina ONE is that it still contains artificial preservatives and corn meal, which some owners object to.

Hills Science Diet Indoor Chicken

Hills Science Diet is a brand you will find at most animal shelters, through their Shelter Nutrition Partnership. Coming in at around $2.13 a pound, Hills Science Diet Indoor Chicken is still an affordable option. Using a high quality protein and no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors make this cat food easy to digest. One disadvantage is the kibble size, which could get stuck in automatic feeders. The advantage to a larger kibble size is that cats are forced to chew it instead of swallowing it whole. This gives Hills Science Diet a dental advantage over smaller-sized kibble pieces.

Taste of The Wild

Taste of The Wild – Rocky Mountain Feline Formula is a premium cat food made with real roasted venison and smoked salmon. This dry cat food is supplemented with fruits and vegetables for healthy antioxidants to support a cat’s immune system. While this brand is only slightly more expensive than Hills Science at $2.35 a pound, the protein and fat content is higher. A higher protein content means cats will fill up on less. However, a higher fat content for an animal that sleeps 16 hours a day means you need to monitor their weight to ensure that you are not overfeeding them.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein – Chicken Grain-Free

Blue Wilderness High Protein is a good alternative dry cat food for people who like to feed their pets a raw diet. Blue Wilderness contains no chicken or poultry bi-products, no artificial preservatives, and no corn, soy, or wheat. A high-quality dry cat food, Blue Buffalo is a more expensive option, costing around $3.10 per pound. However, many owners report excellent results with this high protein cat food such as shiner coats and fewer digestive problems. Blue Wilderness recommends mixing the dry food with a small amount of warm water to release the aroma and flavor.

Blue Buffalo Adult Chicken Formula

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Adult Cat Food is the most expensive option at around $4.50 per pound. This premium dry cat food is high in protein with no corn, soy, or wheat products making it gluten-free. Blue Buffalo makes an entire line of dry cat food designed for specific problems, such as hairball control and weight control. The Adult Chicken Recipe is designed as a good over-all high protein cat food for adult and senior cats. Like the rest of the Blue Buffalo cat foods, each daily serving contains all the vitamins and minerals cats need, plus their patented LifeSource Bits which provide antioxidants to support your cat’s healthy immune system.


The most important aspect of any dry cat food is that it provides a healthy nutritious diet for your cat. All the cat foods we looked at say they offer all the vitamins and minerals cats need on a daily basis. The difference is how they provide it. Premium cat foods offer high protein with no by-products, no grains as fillers, and no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. However, the cost can be prohibitive to households with multiple cats. Most cats thrive on cheaper cat food, but some can develop digestive or weight problems.

If you do decide to switch cat foods, remember to introduce it slowly to help your cat adjust and cut down on potential tummy problems. Dry cat food is convenient, provides perfect nutrition, and has dental benefits over wet cat food. If you know the difference between brands, you can pick the best dry cat food for your special cat.

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