Best Dog Harness for Large Dogs

As a dog owner, taking your dog out for walks and other activities is a part of life. That’s why having a good harness is vital for making the experience as happy and comfortable as possible. Especially for large dogs, using a good harness can provide a much easier time when going for walks. Large dogs can be more hassle, due to their extra strength. For example, you can’t just buy an ordinary dog crate for them – they may escape. The same applies to dog harnesses. There are many choices available on the market today, with many advantages and disadvantages, so making the right choice can be difficult. This article will explain the basics of dog harnesses and how they work. Below, a comparison of five harnesses can be found to help you find the best dog harness for large dogs and which one works best for your own four-legged friend.

Why use a harness?

A dog harness differs from the traditional collar in that it fits around the dog’s body in a comfortable fashion, rather than around the neck. The leash can then be clipped onto the harness so that you can maintain control of the dog when out and about. They are extremely useful for large dogs because they provide a good degree of leverage when the dog pulls. At the same time, they greatly lessen the risk of pain or injury around the neck area. In addition, slipping out of a harness is less likely than slipping out of a leash, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your best friend won’t get loose or run away.

The harness works by either being slipped over the dog’s head or by allowing the dog to step into it. Once on, you can adjust the size and tightness to suit your dog. Each harness has a clip where you can attach the leash, either at the back or chest depending on your needs. After everything is set up, it’s go time! If you notice any discomfort by the dog, make sure to reposition the harness into a more comfortable position.

Large dog

What to look for when choosing a harness for large dogs

There are a few properties to look for in a good dog harness. The best dog harness for large dogs should, of course, be large enough to accommodate your dog. Another key aspect is where the leash clip is located. The front, while discouraging pulling, can also lead to tangling. The back avoids tangling but doesn’t help much when it comes to leading your dog. Further, safety is paramount – the harness should never cause pain. Lastly, quality and extra features can be the deciding factor when making your decision. The harnesses below are five possible choices for high quality large dog harnesses.

The Top 5 harnesses for large dogs

Below we have reviewed 5 of the best harnesses for large dogs:

Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness

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The Ruffwear Front Range harness is a well-designed harness with many great features. It has a both a leash attachment point located at both the chest and back areas, allowing for a range of activities and needs. If your dog is a puller, then you can simply use the front chest clip. Otherwise, the back may be more suitable. It has padding for maximum comfort and can be adjusted to fit your dog. This harness is suitable for dogs with a girth between 32 and 42 inches, which can be measured around the widest part of the rib cage. Other features provided are a reflective surface for visibility at night, as well as an ID pocket for placing dog tags in. This removes jangling while on the move. Unfortunately, all these features come at a price. The Ruffwear harness comes in at just under $40 as the most expensive harness being reviewed. That being said, users have great things to say about it, including a long lifetime. Some users claim to have had their harness for years. It had the highest number of reviews and highest 5-star rating percentage on Amazon out of the five harnesses. If cost is not an issue, then this is definitely a solid choice for the future.

Chai’s Choice Front Range Dog Harness

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The Chai’s Choice harness is like the Ruffwear in many ways in terms of features. It too includes a front and back leash attachment for optimal use, comfortable inner padding for increased happiness, and a reflective surface for nighttime outings. Adjustable straps can fit a chest size between 27 and 32 inches to ensure that the harness is snug and unable to be wiggled out of. However, it also has the additional perk of a seat belt handle for when you take your dog with you on the road, allowing you to easily secure it in. The outer layer is made from a scratch-resistant oxford material that is very durable. The price is slightly cheaper than Ruffwear, at around $35. Due to its durability, the price may be a worthy investment for a long-lasting harness. Users of the Chai’s Choice harness enjoy the durability and ease of use that it provides. If you travel with your dog often and don’t mind spending some money, then this choice seems like the clear winner.

Urpower Dog Leash Harness

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The Urpower harness is a medium priced harness at around $25, but still gives your dog a comfortable experience. It is made out of double layered blue jean straps with an extremely soft surface in order to reduce chafing. This harness makes sure that no hard or possibly painful edges are exposed. A great part of this harness is that it comes packaged with a leash made from the same material, the only harness on the list that does this. Furthermore, the company, Urpower, guarantees good quality for 180 days after purchase. They state on the product page that if “quality problems happen in guaranteed period, our company will maintain for free.” That sounds like a good deal to me! Unlike the previous two harnesses, the leash attachment can be found on the back, so this may be a better choice for those dogs that are already leash trained. However, the maximum size is a little on the smaller size at the range of 17 to 27.5 inches measured by chest girth. It’s a large area though, so if you think your dog may grow, it is possible this harness may grow with it. Some users have claimed that this harness grows well with their puppy, and generally have good words to say.

Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

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The Big Dog No Pull harness by Expawlorer is the cheapest of the five harness and can be bought for under $20. It can handle a breast girth of 26 to 36 inches, so the same harness can be used for dogs of many sizes. The strap contains a reflective area to make it easy to see in the dark, as well as padding for added pleasure for your furry friend. Like the Urpower, the leash clip is located at the back of the harness. Though it doesn’t have a front clip, it does include an extra handle to better control your dog when needed. The handle allows for a good grip and easy handling when your dog becomes energetic or aggressive. Users are highly satisfied, though there are some complaints of shifting or loosening during or after walks. Despite that, the majority seem to find it a strong and helpful harness that fits their needs. Specifically, it helps with dogs that tend to pull. This harness is a great choice if you’re looking for a fairly cheap harness that can get the job done.

SENSE-ation No-pull Dog Harness

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The SENSE-ation No-pull harness is, as its name suggests, a great harness if you have ever had trouble with pulling while taking your dog for a walk. Many users state that this is the first harness they have used that helped them go out without having to struggle almost the whole way. It costs approximately $25; not the cheapest harness on the list, but not the most expensive either. This harness is rather straightforward, with a simple buckle to strap it on and no padding or reflective surface. The leash strap is in the front chest area, which can explain its ability to reduce pulling. The strap is 1 inch wide and the harness fits girth size between 27 and 32.5 inches. Reviews are relatively low in number for this harness, but most of them are good and encouraging. Out of the five harnesses reviewed, this one had the most consistent focus on managing dogs that pull, so that would be an important aspect to keep in mind when making decision.


Dog harnesses are an essential investment for any dog owner, but even more so for those who have large dogs. They improve comfort and security, and can provide additional features that can be helpful for certain situations. The five harnesses listed above each have their pros and cons, but the Ruffwear and Chai’s Choice harnesses are a cut above the rest if you can afford it. They last longer and make both you and your dog happy. If you travel on the road a lot, the Chai’s Choice is recommended.

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