Best Dog Costumes for Sale Online

The holidays aren’t just for humans anymore. This Halloween, dress your furry friend in a fun and fantastic costume to compliment your own! We’ve rounded up the best dog costumes to showcase Rover’s personality. From pop culture to classic costumes, our list covers the cutest and fiercest costumes for any occasion.

Transform your pup into another animal and make your guests howl! Fluffy’s tail will definitely be wagging with a fantastic costume they can wear again and again. Whether you’re staying home this Halloween or taking your dog out for treats, a costume is sure to bring joy to the holiday.

Why Should I Get My Dog A Costume?

You may think your dog is already cute as can be, so why not amp up the adorableness with a neat costume? A unique outfit will help your dog stand out in style. Win first place in a contest or add more fun to a party with your pup in a stylish costume.

As an added bonus, costumes can bring comfort to your dog. Halloween can be chilly and a warm coat is just what Rover needs. Even skittish dogs can feel protected with a fitted costume to ease their stress. If you’re living in a warmer climate, look to a simpler costume to keep them cool.

Fan of photo ops with your pup? Dress in matching costumes to be a social media superstar! Your friends and family will love seeing pictures of you and your furry friends in funky outfits. Kids adore playing dress up and it’s even funner with a pet!

A unique costume can help you locate your pet in a worst case situation. With the hustle of the holidays, your pup may get a little confused. Find your fuzzy friend with ease by giving them a costume unlike any other and celebrate the occasion stress free.

Dog wearing lion costume

Where to Get Dog Costumes

Obviously, you could try your local Walmart. But, we think the best pet costumes are available online from trusted places such as Amazon. Buying online allows you to see all of the items and competition in one swoop. This competition usually means there are some great deals to be had. Online stores also lack a physical presence, which means that the retailer does not have to pay rent or store clerks. This saving can them be passed on to us, the consumer!

What to Consider When Buying A Costume For Your Dog?

  • Is it Comfortable For My Dog?

    Your pet should be comfortable and cozy in their costume. Although you may be tempted to pull out the bells and whistles, your pup needs to feel in the spirit this Halloween. Find a costume without any extra weight for an ensemble they’ll enjoy as much as you.

  • Will it Fit Right On My Dog?

    The right size is necessary for the best dog costume. The smallest chihuahuas to the greatest Danes require a well-fitted costume to keep them mobile and happy. Factor in your dog’s size and look for adjustable costumes with fasteners.

  • Will it Stay Durable?

    Your costume should be able to withstand the weather and last for years. Quality craftsmanship will ensure a costume your dog can wear during the next special occasion. You might want to look for waterproof costumes in case of rain.

  • Is it Thick Enough For My Dog’s Coat?

    Different breeds of dogs require different costumes. Look to thinner material for dogs with long fur and thicker fabric for dogs with short hair. The climate in your area should also play a part in finding the right costume thickness.

  • Is it Functional For My Dog?

    When nature calls, dogs have to go! A costume with openings allow your pup to relieve themselves without soiling the outfit. Male dogs especially need a functional costume.

The Top Nine Dog Costume Reviews

See below for the best small dog costumes and large dog costumes:

1. Rubies Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume: Wonder Woman

Buy now from Amazon

This heroic costume from Rubies is recommended for smaller dogs, but customers rave about the stretchy material and easy wear for pups of all sizes. For approximately $15, your dog can be transformed into the fierce Wonder Woman complete with a tiara headpiece. The patriotic appeal makes this costumer great for Independence Day, as well as Halloween and special events.

This costume is especially popular with the release of the new Wonder Woman movie and is sure to be common on dogs this Halloween. The Velcro closures may be easy for dogs to tear off, according to consumers. However, the colorful material and the low price is definitely a selling point for dog owners. With four different sizes and an open skirt, this costume is sure to be comfortable on your beloved pet.

2. California Costume Collections Holy Hound Dog Costume: Pope Costume

Buy now from Amazon

This whimsical pope costume turns your pup into a holy icon everyone is sure to bow down to. At approximately $20, this outfit features a large headpiece, a detachable stole, and a printed costume with a papal design. This costume is highly reviewed among users, but customers seem to have an issue getting their dog to keep the cap on.

This costume is attention grabbing and unique, while being a bit tongue in cheek. Users report a general great fit for their dog; however, a few complain about the flimsy material. The price tag ranges in the general area of these dog costumes and the extra accessories may contribute to the cost. If you’re looking for a witty costume for your dog, this ensemble is sure to be a hit next Halloween.

3. Animal Planet Peacock Dog Costume, Multicolor

Buy now from Amazon

At approximately $20, this flamboyant peacock costume comes with a beaked headpiece and full body suit. The two desperate pieces are adaptable in case your dog doesn’t like head coverings and remove the cap on their own. Users rave about the lush material and the durability of the colorful stand-up peacock tail.

Customers have reported that the sizing is a bit off with a weighty tail that caused discomfort to their dog. The headpiece also doesn’t come with ear holes so users have to tailor the cap themselves. The perks of this costume is the vibrant appeal and soft material for a unique and tropical look. This costume is most suitable for a small or medium dog and may require special seamstress skills and proper upkeep to stay beautiful.

4. Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume

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For around $25, your dog can be one with the Force in a Jedi costume. The robe design is recommended for smaller and wider dogs such as pugs and bulldogs. A cloak design features an attached belt and shirt. This iconic costume ranges in many sizes to fit comfortably.

The larger sizes may be a bit more costly than others due to the licensed trademark of Star Wars, but customers seem to love the quirky appeal. A stretchy and thick polyester blend may make this costume run a bit different in fit, so sizing your pup is necessary. However, most report that their dog felt comfortable in this costume. The Star Wars appeal allows you to dress your pet for Halloween celebrations or a simple movie marathon at home.

5. Rubies Costume Iced Coffee Pet Costume

Buy now from Amazon

This adorable dog costume comes complete with a ruffled headpiece and ranges up to approximately $20 in price. The unique style features a quirky logo to mimic the look of a fresh iced coffee with a bubbly cap. Customers report the sizing is a bit too large for a small dog and tight on larger breeds. However, the vintage look appears to be a hit for dogs at costume parties and delights coffee drinkers everywhere.

Users agree the hat is hard to keep on their dog and the material is a bit cheaply made. Nonetheless, many dog owners are thrilled with the cuteness of the costume and the compliments they’ve received when walking their pup in public. Coffee lovers are sure to enjoy matching with their pups on Halloween with this personable costume.

6. NACOCO Pet Clothes Pet Costume Mickey Costumes Dog Clothes: Mickey Mouse Costume

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Ranging around $15, this inexpensive costume for dogs brings the magic of Disney to life. The Mickey Mouse ensemble is enhanced with attached waving arms and holes for your dog’s legs. Much like the other dog costumes on our chart, customers aren’t completely happy with the listed sizing but enjoy the nostalgic appeal of Mickey.

A hooded feature with ears can be worn up or down to your dog’s liking and is crafted with lush material. The Mickey Mouse pants is more suitable for dogs with longer legs as they’re said to be baggy but can be tailored to your pup’s size.

The animated appeal is sure to draw attention during Halloween or any special occasion. This costume is just right for a doggy parade, pet-friendly party, or a yearly costume contest.

7. Speedy Pet Dog Clothes Cat Apparel Adorable Costume Double Layer Soft Wool Fabric and Fleece Multi Sizes: Stitch Costume

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This colorful design mimics the Disney character Stitch and is listed for both cats and dogs. The vibrant appeal brings the quirky monster to life and looks adorable on pets. The fleece fabric is cozy on pets and the hood can be worn up or down for comfort. Ranging up to approximately $15, this costume falls into the medium range in price on this list.

This costume can be worn on Halloween or to keep your small dogs warm all year. It is recommended that you size your dog properly before buying this costume as it can run too large or small. Users enjoy the thick material and vibrant colors of the costume and kids love the cute appeal of their favorite character! The bottom opening allows your pet to move freely and relieve themselves with ease.

8. TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane – Realistic & Funny Lion Mane for Dogs

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If you’re searching for the best dog costumes for your larger breed, this fierce lion mane features attachable ears and a tail component to turn your friend into the king of the jungle. For approximately $15, the company promises an easy to clean and head-turning product for your pup. The realistic appeal is loved among customers.

This item is one of the highest rated costumes on our list! Customers only have complaints with their dogs not wanting to keep the headpiece on. The lush material may also be too hot for long-haired canines. Drawstring attachments allow owners to properly secure the item to their pet for an eye-catching look. Many find hilarity and beauty in this item.

9. Pet Costume for Small Dogs and Cats He&Ha Police Costume

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This quirky cop costume for dogs and cats comes with a fully fabricated suit, impressive shirt collar, and a matching cap. For around under $10, this inexpensive costume is equipped with animated arms for a hilarious look. Customers report the suit is a bit small but enjoy the thick material and overall design.

This unique costume is just right for a costume, dog parade, or an outfit for Halloween. Cheapest on our list, users have been amazed by the high-quality craftsmanship. A special attachment keeps the hat fixed in place unless you have a fussy pet. Soft material is cozy and warm and an opening in the back is functional with ease. This product is more suitable for smaller breeds of dogs.

Find the Best Dog Costumes Online!

When it’s time to dress your pets up for a special occasion, our list of the best costumes for dogs can come in handy. Look to comfort, style, and function to find the best fit for man’s best friend! Whether you’re looking for a contemporary costume or a retro suit for your pup, you’re sure to find what you need.

Celebrate a special occasion by dressing up your dog in a costume they’ll love and fit. You’re sure to have a night to remember with funny photographs and lots of attention. Happy holidays to you and your beloved furry pals!

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