Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies

Labradors are America’s most popular dog breed because they are fantastic dogs. The Labrador has always been the perfect example of why dogs are great companions. Adult Labs are large dogs, but they are incredibly gentle and considerate. Labrador puppies are exceptionally cute and playful; therefore, they need proper toys to keep them entertained. Toys are the perfect training devices for young Labs because they have many balancing qualities. The best toys for Lab puppies keep them relaxed and mentally stimulated, so they can be the incredible dogs they are known for being.

Why dog toys are important

Dog toys are exceptionally important to the well-being of the pets. Toys are perfect to help with teething, bored or stressed puppies.

  • Relaxation—Toys that take a long period for dogs to chew, like bones or Kong products, help with a dog’s relaxation. Often with long-duration toys, puppies will lay down and chew contently keeping them from being stressed or anxious.
  • Boredom—A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Boredom is one of the number one causes of dogs becoming destructive. Providing dogs with physical and mental exercise helps them feel satisfied as individuals and can decrease their boredom or negative behaviors.
  • Teething—Puppies lose their teeth just like human children. Toys are important for teething dogs because they can be in a lot of pain and require a soothing element.

Labrador characteristics

Labs have many amazing and unique characteristics. The Labrador is known for being a loyal and strong dog. Originally, before modern technology, Labs were used to help fishermen haul in their fishing nets because they have a waterproof coat and can withstand incredibly low temperatures. Labs are very patient and outgoing animals, making them excellent companions for children. Labrador retrievers are very agile meaning that they are fantastic hunting dogs and swimmers. They are very kind and gentle animals that love people and playing, but they do require ample amounts of attention. Labs do not like being left alone and need a lot of exercise to rid themselves of all their excess energy.

Labrador puppy

Why Labs and other large breeds destroy toys

Large breed dogs, such as Labradors, often have an easier time destroying their toys. There are many factors that lead to this quick destruction.

  • Training—When puppies are small, owners find it adorable for them to attack their toys aggressively, so unknowingly this destructive behavior is encouraged.
  • Availability—Often owners give their dogs toys just because they love them rather than as a reward. When a dog has access to toys constantly, they lose appreciation for the toys and destroy them.
  • Instincts—Dogs are descendants of wild animals; therefore, they have killer instincts. Squeaking toys are representative of the noises dying animals make and dogs feel the urge to tear these toys apart.
  • Cheap toys—Cheap, plush toys are often purchased for dogs because they are cute and festive, but these toys are designed to be easily destroyed.
  • Stress—When a dog feels stressed by a situation, they cannot express themselves in words, so they often turn to destruction to relieve their tensions.
  • Entertainment—Simply put, dogs tend to find joy in destroying things.
  • Boredom—Large dog breeds tend to have a lot of energy, meaning that they are easily bored, and often find destructive ways to entertain themselves.
  • Anxiety—Unfortunately, many dogs especially Labs, suffer from separation anxiety. These animals do not want to be left alone and turn to destruction to lash out or express themselves.
  • Jaw strength—Larger dogs have a very high BFQ, meaning a bite that can easily destroy small toys. It is suggested to buy sturdier toys for large breeds.

Lab puppies

Why unsafe chew toys can be dangerous

There are many factors that can make chew toys unsafe for dogs.

  • Phthalates—Many dog toys are manufactured by companies that use Phthalates. These dangerous chemicals can be released into a dog’s system, causing liver or kidney problems.
  • Choking—Toys not intended for dogs, unsafe toys or objects other than toys can cause dogs to choke. Baby toys, toys with parts that break off and items like sticks are easy for dogs to swallow and choke on.
  • Digestive Issues—Toys like ropes often have parts that can be torn off and swallowed. These parts can build up in a dog’s digestive track over time and can cause serious issues that could result in surgery to have the build-up removed.
  • Teeth—When a puppy is teething, toys are excellent to soothe their gums; however, it is important to purchase the right kind of toy to keep a dog’s teeth from breaking.

Dog safety tips

The following are a few safety tips that you should remember when buying toys for your dogs.

  • Avoid vinyl toys—Vinyl toys are often the source of health problems in dogs. The chemicals used in the process of making vinyl toys can result in dogs becoming sick; therefore, these types of toys should be avoided.
  • Avoid rawhide chews—Though most dogs love rawhide bones, they can be very dangerous to the animal’s health. Rawhide chews often splinter and can cut or choke dogs.
  • Avoid toys that are small—Many times with large dogs, the size of a toy is too small and then it can be easily swallowed by large mouths. Toys designed for puppies will probably not be appropriate for adult large breeds. You should always make sure to purchase toys that are appropriate for the size of your dog.
  • Avoid toys with squeakers—Dogs love to tear apart toys that have something, such as a squeaker, embedded inside of them. The problem is that squeakers are generally rather small, and can serve as choking hazards.
  • Avoid children’s toys—Toys designed for babies or children are not safe for dogs. These toys are intended for a different type of use and can easily injure animals.
  • Avoid soft toys—Soft toys are typically stuffed, and dogs love to rip them apart; however, the stuffing inside can cause digestive blockages if swallowed. Intestinal obstructions can result in vomiting, lethargy, tarry stools and often surgery.

Top 5 toys for Lab puppies

Dog toys are no longer considered a luxury. Experts have said that we need to buy our dogs toys to keep them mentally and physically healthy. Separation anxiety is a problem that occurs in the first 20 minutes after you leave a dog alone. A simple solution to the dog’s anxiety is to help the dog develop a positive connotation between being left alone and pleasant situations, like being rewarded with toys. Chewing is a natural way for dogs to keep their teeth clean and their jaws strong. In order to keep your dog from becoming destructive, you should supply them with toys. Toys are a great way to train puppies to stay in a crate by association. The following are the top five dog toys for Lab puppies.

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

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The Kong Extreme Dog Toy retails for just under $10 for a small 2.5-inch Kong with free shipping, making it the cheapest toy on the list. This toy is one of the best chew toys for Lab puppies because it is made of an ultra-strong and ultra-durable rubber compound that is recommended for really strong chewers. It is perfect for stuffing with treats, which helps reduce boredom and separation anxiety. The toy has an unpredictable bounce, great for games like fetch and is used by many trainers. The Kong Extreme Dog Toy is excellent for Lab puppies because it does not have a squeaker or any other small parts that can be easily choked on, and it is hard to destruct.

Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

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The Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX retails for around $30, making it the most expensive on the list. It is an extremely strong chew toy, great for hyper Lab puppies because it is durable and long lasting. This toy is very large, so it is not a choking hazard, and it is a fantastic way to keep your Lab mentally stimulated. Other owners have said that it is the only chew toy that their large dog cannot destroy, making it the perfect toy for large breed puppies to grow up with. The Goughnuts-Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX is one of the best chew toys for Lab puppies.

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Dog Toys Balls

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Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. Dog Toys Balls retail for $15, a very affordable price, and are offered in multiple sizes and colors. The balls are super safe because they are made without phthalates, latex or any heavy metals. This toy is dog tested to be virtually indestructible. Plus, the toy is fade and weather proof. Dog owners have reviewed this product as the only ball their dog cannot destroy and one that all breeds love. Made in the United States of America and easy to clean, this toy has an unconditional guarantee. The ball is perfect for a Lab puppy because it is a fun way to keep them entertained.

NyLabone Dura Chew Textured Toy

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The NyLabone Dura Chew Textured Toy comes in an original flavor, a chicken flavor, a bacon flavor and a peanut-butter flavor so that you can guarantee your dog will love it. The original flavored toy retails for around $10 on Amazon. This toy is described as a long lasting, durable nylon chew designed for strong chewers. Labradors have a strong bite, so toys like this one are perfect. It has a new textured design to sooth teething puppies, and it is offered in an extra-large chew for when your puppy grows. The NyLabone Dura Chew Textured Toy is a great, safe alternative to items like sticks that puppies love to chew on.

Himalayan Dog Chews

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Himalayan Dog Chews come in a mixed pack of three and are made from an ancient recipe from the Himalayas. They cost just short of 30 dollars. The Original Himalayan Dog Chew is a very long-lasting dog chew dried for several weeks to create a hard chew. These chews are super safe because they are made from all-natural ingredients including lime juice, salt, yak and cow milk. They have no chemicals or preservatives in them and are very high in protein. These are a Grain-Free and Gluten-Free chew plus; they have no binding agents. Himalayan Dog Chews are typically an excellent chew for Labrador puppies.


Labradors are America’s most popular dog breed because they are amazing dogs and the perfect example of why dogs are great companions. Labs are unbelievably gentle, patient and considerate, despite being rather large dogs. Labrador puppies are remarkably endearing and spirited; therefore, they need proper toys to keep them interested in learning. Toys are the ideal training devices for young Labs because they keep things fun for the pup. The best chew toys for Lab puppies keep them mentally stimulated, so that they can be the unbelievable dogs they are remembered for being.

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