The 5 Best Toys for Small Dogs

As pet owners, we’re always looking for ways to keep our pets entertained and happy. The right toys are essential for playtime, whether your dog spends most of their time on their own or with another dog. Many dogs love stuffed toys, but it’s important to choose the right ones, especially if you have a small dog. The best toys for small dogs will be appropriately sized, durable, and safe.

What to look for


The most obvious thing to look for is the right size. If you have a small dog, look for toys that will be easy for them to pick up and carry around. The best toys for small dogs are small and soft, but durable.


Whether your dog is a chewer or not, be sure to look for something that is durable. Some plush toys are made with multiple layers of material to keep stuffing safe from your pup’s sharp teeth. But even the most durable stuffed toys will inevitably fall apart if chewed hard enough. To minimize the mess, some toys are made with low levels of stuffing, so even when your pooch chews through the fabric, you’re left with little to clean up.


Most dogs love squeakers – we’ve all seen the adorable way they cock their heads to the side when their favorite toy starts to squeak. But squeakers can pose a safety issue if accidentally swallowed, not to mention the sheer annoyance they can cause when your dog incessantly squeaks throughout the night. Some toys are made with removable squeakers, so you can allow them to squeak away while supervised, then remove the squeaker for safekeeping when you’re not home (or just trying to sleep.)

Our top 5

#1: Kong Low Stuffing Dog Toys with Squeakers (extra small)

Best toys for small dogs
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Kong is known for producing dog toys that can withstand rough play from even the most determined toy-shredding pups. Their low-stuffing toys are ideal for those pets who like plush toys but always manage to tear them apart. Low stuffing means less mess for you even when the toys do eventually wear down.

For about $10, you get a set of 3 plush toys: a frog, duck, and bear. Each toy has its own squeaker and extra replacement squeakers are included. If you’re concerned about the safety of the squeaker (or just don’t like the noise), the squeakers can be removed easily through a Velcro opening in the back.

Made with super soft plush material, these toys are made to be durable even for pups who like to play rough. They’re completely machine washable, so you can throw them in the wash when they get dirty.

Reviewers were impressed with the durability of these small toys. At about 6 inches long, these are the perfect size for chihuahuas and toy breeds.

#2: ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

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If you have a dog who loves to keep busy and play, a simple plush toy might not be enough to keep them entertained. ZippyPaws has created a fun plush game for small and medium dogs: a toy that doubles as a hide and seek game.

An “interactive puzzle toy,” this hide and seek plush toy challenges your pup to keep them entertained for hours. It comes in three adorable sets: a hedgehog den, a chicken hut, and mice in a block of cheese. For about $10 per set, you receive three small squeaky plush animals and a “burrow” with holes to hide them in.

Many users were impressed with this toy’s ability to entertain their inquisitive pups for hours at a time. Dog breeds with active minds, like Jack Russel Terriers, can especially benefit from the interactive nature of this toy. For the most part, they were reported to be durable, although they are not recommended for dogs that are known to be aggressive chewers.

#3: Kong Cozies Squeaky Toys

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Kong makes our list again with their Cozies plush toys, available individually in 6 adorable characters: alligator, elephant, lion, moose, rhino and monkey. In keeping with their reputation for ultra-durable toys, each toy is made with an extra layer of material to provide for extra protection against sharp teeth. Similarly to their first product on our list, these toys have very little stuffing to prevent messes.

To even further increase durability, Kong has sewn each leg separately onto each toy; that way, if one leg gets chewed, the whole toy isn’t destroyed. Most reviewers were pleased with the durability of the Cozies, although a few said that they were no match for their extra-destructive pups.

These plushes are slightly larger than the original Kong squeaker toys at the top of our list, but are still suitable for extra small breeds like chihuahuas.

You can pick up a Cozie for around $5 on Amazon. Although they are not advertised as machine washable, users recommend placing the toy in a pillowcase and washing normally.

#4: Dawgeee 5 Pack Plush and Rope Toys

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For those with multiple dogs or a single dog that gets bored easily, Dawgeee’s 5 pack provides variety and hours of entertainment. Each toy in the pack has a squeaker to entice your pup to play. From traditional plushes to a rope toy for interactive play, there’s enough variety in this pack for even the pickiest puppies.

In terms of durability, they don’t quite rival Kong’s plushes, so beware if you have an aggressive chewer. Despite the fact that several users reported the toys being ripped up fairly quickly, most reported that they were fairly durable and held up well to normal play.

The original pack includes:

  • 1 butterfly plush toy
  • 1 long dog toy (perfect for tug-of-war)
  • 1 leopard plush toy
  • 1 rope paw toy
  • 1 lizard plush toy

Some reviewers reported variations in the toys they received, including a plush carrot toy, but each was pleased with the variety. The toys range in size from 7.5″ to 14″, suitable for small and medium dogs.

The entire 5 pack costs about $25, making it the most expensive on our list, but is well worth the value, coming in at about $5 per toy.

#5: Kong Traditional Small Dog Toy

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For the no-frills pet owner looking for a simple but durable plush toy, Kong’s original small squeaky toy is a classic choice. It’s made with a removable and replaceable squeaker, which can be removed through a Velcro opening on the back of the duck.

At a little under 5″ long, this tiny plush is the smallest on our list. It has more stuffing than the first Kong toys on our list, so be prepared for a bit more clean up if your dog likes to shred its toys. Reviewers reported that it didn’t hold up very well to chewing sessions, so keep an eye out for something more durable if you know your dog likes to chew heavily.

At around $5 on Amazon, it’s an affordable and cute toy for a small dog who wants a snuggle companion instead of a shredding toy.


When you’re picking out your dog toys for small dogs, consider your dog’s personality and how they usually play with toys. If your dog is a known toy-killer, durability needs to be a top priority; stick with a reputable brand like Kong, who is known for their hardy toys. That’s why the low-stuffing Kong toys come in at #1 on our list. We especially like that the speaker can be removed, which is not only safer but might just save your sanity.

If your dog is only moderately aggressive with toys and needs mental stimulation, an interactive toy like the ZippyPaws burrow is an excellent way to entertain them for hours. The toy you choose will depend on your pooch’s personality and how they like to play.

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