The 10 Best Dog Chew Toys

Dogs are humans’ best friends. Being so fluffy and lovable, it is easy to see why. However, dogs are amongst some of the most hyperactive animals on the planet. They have always needed countless sources of fun with which they can ease that restlessness. A good way to ease it is with some toys. In this article we are going to talk about the best dog chew toys you can get for your hairy friend. We obviously know how important the safety and happiness of your dog is for you, which is why we took our time selecting these items that will guarantee the best type of fun for your pet and give you one less thing to worry about when you are not home.

Why Do Dogs Need Chew Toys?

Many dogs are uneasy when it comes to having fun; maybe you have one of those small dogs that constantly likes hanging from your clothes or chewing on your shoes. If the dog that can’t get enough of your shoes is at an early age of his life, there is a good chance that its gums are still itching due to the teeth growing in their mouth. Getting young dogs a chewing toy could be a great alternative to having your slippers chewed up. Other dogs are not young anymore and just have a lot of energy to burn off. If your dog is already an adult, there are also some interesting chew toys that are made specifically for their needs.

Taking care of a pet is not easy. Knowing the many ways in which they tick, what excites them, and what troubles them is your responsibility if you want to keep your furry friend happy. Dog chew toys are a perfect alternative to any shoe you adore or clothing you are tired of replacing. Keeping a couple of these toys back so that you can distract your pooch for prolonged periods of time will be a great relief, especially when you leave the house.

Dog with shoe

What To Look For In Chew Toys For Dogs


The best dog toys for chewers are durable. You need to find the best dog chew toy that will withstand the test of time, no matter what type of weather or the type of home you live in. Looking for a chew toy for your dog that can survive different situations will be massively important for your pet’s well-being. Always keep in mind that your dog will take the toy anywhere it desires. That’s why buying one made of a durable, heavy-duty material will save you time and money. Your dog doesn’t care about any of these details, all it wants is to have fun and the longer this chew toy can keep it entertained the better. The best dog toys should be strong enough to withstand anything your furry friend might throw at them.


How long will the toy last? Dog chew toys that can be used in any terrain might be the best choice for you, especially if you live in the outdoors where the toy will be dragged through the mud and other types of materials. The dog will appreciate you buying him the toy; he will also understand the material it’s made of and how long he can keep chewing on it. These may look like basic things to consider, but if you want your dog to stay clear off your furniture, shoes, slippers, clothing, and other things, you ought to follow these instructions correctly. This detail also depends on what type of dog you have, if it’s a dog that loved playing with the toy you will want to get the more resistant item. However, if your dog doesn’t play that much but only grabs the toy sometimes, a softer material might be a good idea for your dog’s needs.


Choosing the perfect chew toy for your dog can become an elaborate job, you have to consider many things before you take a particular toy to the fluffy fellow. First, you have to determine what type of dog breed it is, if it’s a naturally hyperactive kind or if it’s s type of dog that loves to chill more than exercise. Then you have to determine which is the best chew toy depending on your dog’s size. This is crucial because there are enormous chew toys and some tiny ones. You don’t want your Great Dane choking on a very small toy.

You need to know the type of activity your dogs likes to do as well because that will also help you choose a toy that will be suited for his day to day adventures. Small dogs can chew on bigger toys for example, but an item that is too big might be very difficult for your Chihuahua to carry around the house.

Taste factor

While there are many dogs that just don’t care about this detail, most of them love chewing on objects that resemble the taste of bacon for example. There are also some sweetened toys that some dogs like, but the ones that taste like dog food, or any meat that attracts any canine will be perfect for your pet. Having a tasty toy will also help you lure them even more into playing with it instead of playing with your slippers or shoes. There are also many weird flavors you can play with, dogs usually love fruits very much and finding fruit flavored toys may be one of the best treats you’ll be able to give your pet.

Shape and texture

This is also an important aspect for when you are choosing the best dog chew toys for your pet, having some interaction with their teeth with different types of textures is something they always appreciate. Buying your dog a determined shape will help you in the long run, they get more used to different types of toys that will make them fall in love with the texture as well and love you even more in the long run.

Dog with chew toy

What To Avoid When Looking For A Chew Toy

Cheap and low-quality toys

You always have to be on the lookout for the type of toys that aren’t sold in official pet stores in the country. Many of the street vendors usually don’t have a license and buying a toy with them that is made in places where there are no regulations can become a dangerous endeavor. You will also be standing against the many dubious corporations that use slaves from third world countries to create these products, that means you are also helping the world be a better place. Also, there are very smart dogs who know how to distinguish this.


Better known as Bisphenol A, this substance has been found in dog’s canned food, and it’s very dangerous for their growth. It’s an endocrine disrupting chemical that ha always been related to reproductive problems and other types of issues that concern humans. Some chew dog toys are made with this substance, especially the ones with unknown manufacturers. For any dog, this material can become a huge problem for its descendants and affect their bloodline permanently. Always buying the toys in an official store that has been tested with regulatory procedures by the government, is the best way to go about getting your dog’s favorite toys.

Toys that break easily

Especially with small dogs, toys that will easily break can be a great problem for their health. A small piece of plastic that doesn’t go through can be very harmful to your pup, that’s why getting the most durable chewing toys at official stores is what you need to do. In today’s day and age filled with counter fit products, it’s very easy to fall for any catfish that will sell you toys that can easily get swallowed by your dog. Always look for materials that are highly durable and can’t break with ease.

Toys that are too small or too big for your breed

This is a recurring problem for any dog owner. There are many breed sizes in the world, choosing the most optimal size for your doggie according to its size is key for the amounts of fun it will have playing with this toy. Choosing the best toy for your dog is a whole ritual that we urge you to consider, you can’t just pick any toy that may eventually be harmful to your mascot.

Toys that resemble home items

This is very important because dogs usually love going through your things and chewing on them. There are countless times when a dog has destroyed slippers or shoes. Choosing the toy that least resembles your cherished possessions is the best advice we can give you. Making this decision will help you program your dog and teach it that chewing on those things is a big no no. The rope or the ball are the toys your pet will have to get more used to.

The Top 10 Best Chew Toys for Dogs

Kong Classic Dog Toy

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Price: Around $10.

The first entry of our list is one of the most popular chew toys amongst pet owners. This Kong is made for stuffing, and its material gives it an unpredictability factor that dogs love about these types of toys. If you like playing bouncing games with your hyperactive canine, fetching the toy will turn into a favorite pastime for you and your dog. This is one of the most recommended toys from all veterinarians across the United States. Professional trainers and dog owners in the country also choose to get this toy for their mascot due to its fun shape and material.

This item is made in the USA, and it’s available in six different sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. This means that you can buy one of these regardless of the breed you have. The shape can become a little bit confusing for the dog’s gums; sometimes it may take a lot of energy from them as they grip to it. The best feature this toy has is the round shape that grants it with a dynamic type of movement.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

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Price: Just over $10.

The first Benebone entry which comes in flavor and will have your doggie getting tons of hours of pure fun, its curvy wishbone type of structure will feature allow all pooches to pop-up one end of the toy and get an enjoyable grip. This toy also comes with an increased surface area which has improved the scent that now comes in bacon flavor. As far as the taste is concerned, all the ingredients used for this feature are entirely natural made with extremely resistant nylon and 100% bacon for a scent and flavor that no doggie can resist. This type of toy isn’t recommended for breeds that weight more than 70 pounds. The wishbone shape and bacon flavor are the biggest features this toy has; there is no dog that can resist to these details.

Benebone Peanut Butter Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

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Price: Just over $10.

The second entry of the Benebone brand, this is practically the same type of chew toy than the bacon flavored one. The difference lies in the amazingly sweetened peanut butter flavor, a taste that all dogs truly adore. There is the petite downside to buying this chew toy; it is not a chewing toy made for small dogs due to the big size it has. This brand is another one of the most popular ones amongst veterinarians, dog owners, and professional trainers across America. There is no question that the peanut butter flavor of this toy is the biggest feature we can think of.

Kong Rubber Ball Extreme

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Price: Just under $10.

This is a chew toy specially made for hyperactive dogs; its round features grant a huge deal of movement for any dog who loves jumping around all over the house or backyard. This toy’s bouncing capabilities turn it into a very resistant type of toy that will last for many years if treated carefully. The fact that it’s a ball means that it can be very easy to lose or throw somewhere it can’t be reached, the standard size measures 3-inches. Due to the small dimensions, this ball was made more for medium and large breeds. This toy has a hole drilled through the center. Made un the USA. The ball sized object is lots of fun for any dog that loves moving all around; this is the best feature this toy has.

Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Toy

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Price: Just under $10.

This long-shaped toy is a real treat for any dog who is young and is having some sensibility problems with its gums. This long-lasting, durable nylon made chew toy has a textured design that helps doggies treat their anxiety problems that come with a young denture. This extra large version was specially made for enormous dogs such as Great Dane or St. Bernard. The durability of this item has granted it a lot of recommendations by professional trainers and veterinarians, a great addition to the chew toy family you have at home. It comes in bacon flavor. This toy’s greatest feature is without question the texture it has, it’s not only ergonomic and helpful for the dog, but it’s also easy to grab and fun to play with.

Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone

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Price: Around $5.

Available as one of the smaller additions to the collection. It is a chew toy that made for small dog breeds due to its small size (although it is also available in larger sizes). These Dura Chew toys are constructed to be very durable and made for the most powerful chewers you can find. Any bristles that are produced during the chewing process will help the dog clean its teeth and manage to control plaque and tartar. Its wishbone shape also grants the dog with hours and hours of fun; it’s perfect for all those adventurers who love to hide stuff underground. This is an item that will satisfy any dog’s insatiable urge to chew on things. The greatest feature this toy has is the wishbone shape, for increasingly more fun.

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-knot Rope Tug

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Price: Around $5.

This rope is the most popular toy for medium size and large dogs alike. Its unique structure helps the owner play for hours and hours with the dog and even throw in some exercise.This rope has a large 25-inch Cottonblend Color with a 3-knot rope tug. The rope fibers it contains are very helpful for dogs teeth floss when they chew on it and play with it. There is no dog breed that doesn’t like this entry to the list; its versatility has turned it into one of the most requested chewing toys in the world. Regardless of your dog’s breed, you will get to have as much fun as you want with your pet, guaranteed. There is no doubt that this is one of the best options to buy your dog, we recommend having a couple of these at home and try to find flavored ones that will make them want to use the toy even more.

Kong Goodie Bone Dog Toy

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Price: Around $5.

An entry made of all-natural rubber that will hold any treat for your pet, which means it’s also interactive for all those hyperactive breeds out there. Another great recommendation from veterinarians across the country as well as professional trainers. This is a great motivation tool that will help you train your dog to achieve any obedience goal you set it out to get; it will keep your pet extremely occupied and euphoric when you are out of the house at work or somewhere else. The grips it has will also help you keep control at all times when you are playing with your dog; this toy is made of extremely durable non-toxic natural rubber.

If you think an interactive toy is the way to go for your pet, check out our article on interactive dog toys.

Petstages Dogwood Stick Large

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Price: Around $10.

All dogs love sticks, but you never imagined that having a stick that didn’t hurt their gums was possible. With the large Dogwood stick, you can forget about worrying about this from now on. This item combines actual wood with synthetic strength; it even has a natural wood smell which keeps all dogs interested for days. This item is perfect for dogs who love chewing on things, which makes it a perfect replacement for your shoes, slippers, clothes, and many more things that your pet usually destroys and gets you angry. The best feature this toy has is the tree branch shape that will make your dog think it’s chewing on the real thing.

Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

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Price: Around $30.

We know this may be a little bit on the expensive side, but if we didn’t love this chew toy, we honestly wouldn’t put it on the list. This is one of the best toys for dogs that chew up other toys. The only negative aspect of this enormous toy is its price because apart from that it turns into one of the favorite toys your pet will ever use. This is the strongest type of chew toy on the market, ideal for great breeds such as Neapolitan Mastiff, St. Bernard, and even Great Dane. There is no way your huge dog won’t have the best fun it’s ever experienced with this great addition to the list. This is perhaps one of the best toys on the market regardless of the price; it’s a bummer it’s not made for smaller breeds as well.

How To Keep Your Dog’s Interest

Remember that keeping your pup’s interest in a chew toy is crucial, you can buy many types of toys that will give your dog a wide variety of endless fun. Trying to get your dog to chew on different parts of the toy will be essential to keeping it involved in the whole ritual of playing with the toy. Dogs will always go for the toy to play, but if they feel like they have already placed their teeth too many times in a certain area, they will quickly get bored and go back to your brand new slippers or sneakers.

Try to avoid giving your dog all the toys at once. Rotating the toys every now and again will keep them seeming new and fresh.

Another great option is to buy interactive chew toys; dogs especially love playing with toys that make noise, it drives them crazy and gets them pumped up for playing all day. If you are one of those people who is not at home too much and still owns a dog, getting the largest variety of the best dog chew toys in the market might be something worth considering for the times you want to give your friend a treat.


Now that you know where the best dog chew toys are and how much they cost, you can feel free to take your pick from these ten options we have given you. We truly believe that the picks we decided to share with all of you are amongst the best chew toys for doggies that you’ll find online. Your pet deserves to have as much fun as you usually have with your friends, whether you are a stay at home kind of owner, you leave the house and leave your dog there, or even if you are the type of dog owner who loves taking your furry friend with you everywhere. Now you have a perfect item to spend more quality time with your canine friend.

Always keeping your doggie happy is something they will be extremely grateful for, remember that dogs were made to love all humans. The least we can do to return the favor they have given us for thousands of years is help them have at last as much fun as we usually do when we are out and about.

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